Thursday, May 1, 2008

2 Weeks To Freedom

I Simply can't wait for the summer vacay. I wanna meet friends and hang out wit em so much, i decided to make a new post. Haha. I wanna go visit friends in Seattle, or Canada, or NJ (YES, im talking about Nath, TJ and Rani). I just wanna hang out and talk with old friends, who are living around the US.

ok.. Today, i just presented my fashion assignment which I'm so excited about. The Final project which consists of several designs that I've already posted in Flickr. (Check it on I honestly didn't present it well, due to my lack of confidence and English skill, but my professor said that the storyboard was professional looking. I was honored :p.

O yea, i also met this old lady with two Corgis! (one is 15 yo and the other is 7). She was a nice lady. I approached her and talked to her about how cute her dogs are and blabla.. and i also have one in indonesia he just turn 1 blabla and so on. But we ended up talking more from how we agreed that dogs are the most caring and lovable animal on earth, to this recent news about a father (i believe in Austria) who kept his daughter prisoner for 24 frickin years!. She was 18 when she was taken to the basement and now she's 42. He had sex with his own daughter and produced 8 kids! 8 KIDS for Christ sake. They 're technically his child but.. they can be his grandkids, or wtv. I mean, that just plain wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong.

Anyway.. I feel that my burden slowly decreasing..and i began to think about how i'm gonna spend this summer with interesting activities and what not. But let that become my sweet problems.

and one more thing. I'm sick of Jubilee School that grading students based on their personal feelings, not on the student's credibility or works. That's fucking non-sense. Grow up you grown up people. It's 2008 not 1978.

Alright.. I'm gonna sleep now. So tired. Thanks for visiting. A comment won't hurt


tj said...

min. gw punya blog juga kok hehe. yeahh you should definitely visit canada! oh and u'd get along with my sister cos you both love dogs so much. lol

AiDee said...

isn't it great that you guys still can have vacations? me gotta work like crap but of course i hope that the end results would be satisfying enough.. hopes to see you next summer! btw, busta rymes & LP are making a hit single! yay!