Tuesday, October 27, 2009


For the last couple of days (or weeks) I haven't really interact to people that much, except some class mates (fashion classes) and indo friends online. Yes, I'm on the edge into the anti-social world. Well, maybe I exaggerated that, but here's the thing: fashion classes really take your time, like a lot. It almost left me no time for social life.

Let me break it down; last week alone I spent average 10 hours at school, which for me a new thing, (well I never done that in high school or wtv) and sometimes stayed at the fashion lab until midnight. It's crazy, I'm losing sleep and uber-exhausted.

Last Friday, I was like a mad person, walking around Newbury street to do some window shopping after class. It's so sad but pretty relieving, cause after a week of torture, I can tasted a bit of freedom.

This week is no different, with two tests for Wednesday, portfolios due on next couple of weeks (need a lot of attention this one) and.. some sketch works, and design projects due Nov 13, I don't think I can be social for a very long time. I need vacation.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

MIXER November '09: Megan Fox

It's the Hollywood Issue! and you know why I put Megan Fox on it ('cause I'm obsessed with her). The Transformers princess caught my eye since the first time I saw her in - of course - Transformers. But I became obsessed when she starred in "Jennifer's Body"; the movie is so quirky, almost B-Movie ish, dark, geeky and sexy. She's this half demon, half resident bitch in high school that's so brilliant to me. Megan Fox screams hotness.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Freaky Friday

Last Friday was the freakiest morning I've ever had in years. I had this weird dreams that I was in this a 20-stories flying apartment (I assumed it was a plane), and I was on the 20th floor and it was flown during the winter storm which was dangerous (even in a dream).

In the same dream, I watched this 2 guys eating a funny looking things which turned out were seahorses! (this one, I think, because of I watched McQueen's Spring 2010), one was this bubbly-animated purple seahorse on a skewer (grilled) and the other one was gory-mythical looking seahorse (also on a skewer).

I don't know what happened to me and my dreams, but I think it's because I had so many things in my mind and mostly, I was sick. Which brought me to the next topic I'd like to share. I got to the nurse office, and the nurse gave these various meds: for cough and cold. What's interesting was she put em all in this plastic bad, and have label on it saying: "BIO HAZARD". It's humorous and dark at the same time. Just the way I like it.

It's been a rough week for my body and as a result, I was sick for 3 days (5 including the weekends). I, infact, still a bit sick, but I'll deal with it. So tired right now. I'll leave you guys with the must-download tracks of the moment!

DOWNLOAD: "Bad Romance" - Lady Gaga, "Morning After Dark" - Timbaland, "Who Says" - John Mayer, "Did It Again" - Shakira, "Doesn't Mean Anything" - Alicia Keys

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Thanks, Weather!

Yep. This climate change just f***ed me up, right in the throat (and nose). It's been 3 days now that I feel ill, and I just need to get rest. But alas, I can't. Too many assignments and important things to do for me to just leave em for a while: design 1 garment due next Friday (got the laces!), Tests on Mondays (History & Math) and basically the next whole week will be bombarded by midterm tests and my condition 'really helps' me a lot.

Speaking of weather, the coldness comes early. Last year I remember it wasn't cold until early november. This make me sick! (literally, and I heard tomorrow's gonna snow! ouch). I really need vacation but I just can't think one. Btw, lack of internet drives me crazy lately. The internet in Malden is free no more (And I can only access it in the lounge area, which of course no privacy at all). So as I said before (in my last 3 posts), this week pretty suck.

There's still bright sides though, I was granted second chance in History classes which, for me, is huge. I can regain trusts to the people and show that I can fix this. Also, fall means new fashion! and I'm eyeing some stuff at Marc! I wish I have time off. Oh! the Spring 2010 Collections also held last month and I will post my top favorites!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

So Long My Watch

I just lost my watch like 2 days ago, and i sucked hard. This is my second loss after my first lost (Sidekick in September last year). I have this kinda Phantom Limb effect on me, I feel like I still have it on my wrist but it's not there anymore. This week was pretty sucked.

Another update about suckness is my History of Costume class. Gosh, I missed my second test, I've prepared so much last night - I studied the names and photos - just to found out I was so late came into class room. I hate the fact that I didn't really thought about the times this morning and also, I missed the T.

I just wish I can get over this situation real fast.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


I know it's too early to call that out - I even wanted to call it worse but the drama is so would be unnecessary - and here's why: I experienced too much trouble already for the last couple of days. Too many fights and arguments ensued and left me all frustrated and weird. Ha. I don't know what happen to me lately.. but surely, this week is hell and yet, the first week is still going on.

I feel terrible for the fights and all of em were unnecessary. I didn't know what I was thinking and the worse part is the guilt and it happened.

So moving on. I was asked to help do this project and I must say I'm not really 100% sure about it. I was asked to do sketches but I just wanna do that. I don't need to come back and forth to make it perfect and give comments and so on. This person's taste is different than mine and it seems our aesthetics are very different and for me, if I don't like it, I wouldn't feel like doing any of it. But I gotta do it - because my moral compass says so.

.. And yeah, pretty much that was happening in one day. So pretty blurred earlier today (buta karena emosi). Anyway, life goes on and time to moving on. Boy, do i need to hear that again.