Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Hi there. It was quite a while since my last post.


Last weekends, me and Rani did loads of silly, crazy stuff; from silly photoshoots (some of em turned out artsy).. and! we did a video! hahaha. It's on youtube btw (but won't tell anything about it).

some artsy shits (the 2nd one is my personal favorite. both taken by Rani)

.. and some of the nerdy shits! (LOL)

Yea. We just horsin' around. We got nothing to do.. and that's the result of ongoing boredom. Lol.

I think i'm getting narsistic lately.

Ok then, have a nice day (and hopefully enjoy the video. if u're lucky)



Thursday, July 24, 2008

Almost There

It's raining. Yay! I love rain.. cuz it makes me want to sleep more. But I can't cuz I'm back to nocturnal sleep time. Dammit.
Lol. I decided to made 2 sandwiches, consists of a lite butter and choco sprinkles.

Anyway, I went out to the kitchen and I looked into the windows.. and.. I loved what I saw: The windows are wet and the skies kinda greyish. Love it. I felt like in a movie or something. Then go back here to write this post.

So. I was thinking about anything I might do next, like.. get a new scale, paying the electric bill, get an ID, wayfarer and a tattoo.
Yea. I'm going to get one. Seriously this time.. I want it so bad! hahaha.. all in the name of vanity. LOL.

Hmm.. I don't know what to do with my sleeping time. It's just a mess. I sleeps at 10 am, wakes up at 6 p.m. (5 if I'm lucky). I mean that's just f%&@#d up.

Btw.. My mom, bro and sis will come to Boston on Aug 6. Meanwhile, I'll go to New Jersey on July 25.
I'm happy. Almost.

D (check the songs on the playlist. u should download it all!)

Friday, July 18, 2008

Yearbook's Second Anniversary

July 18, 2006 was the most memorable day of my life and arguably my proudest moment. On that day, the 2006 SMU Yearbook was officially out! I was psyched! 'cause after all the late-nite works and the endless meetings, the yearbook finally became a real thing. It was a bittersweet experience.

I remembered the first idea that I brought to the yearbook staff is urban/modern contemporary, and I don't know what the hell was that. What I wanted is just a yearbook with artsy layouts and cover. At first people were like confused and had no idea what I want. It was tough.

Then.. I also wanted a conceptualized photoshoots (like CSI, Musical genres, Oldies, Executives and etc), a young and hip layouts with a touch of artsy and shits (LOL). It was a team work so, a lot of different artistic visions and stuff. But since this was my first time ever involved in such an important project (and since the previous yearbook covers were crappy), I wanted to do the cover. And I did. I envisioned this light, funky and hip cover. With lotsa color (it was like rainbow threw up on the cover) and roses and wings.. and at first I thought (the cover) was kinda gay. But I went with it anyway. (thanks to Mirna and my bro for helpin me out).

Talking 'bout the cover. The cover sorta has several meanings, for example: the wings around 'Jubilee' symbolized our departure to the future and it translated to 'Reaching for the Future' (I forgot who came out with this theme). Also, if you notice, there's 12 stars around the crown, which means we have finished 12 years of education and moving to a new level of education: college and of course the real world. There also roses symbolized that we're bloomed to a new seeds of hope. Sadly, I just made that up (and my sister's friend bought it). I'm telling the truth now: there's no real meanings on the cover.. I just loved the layout. LOL.

Today, 2 years later, I'm still proud of this yearbook. I poured my heart and soul into it. I spent months working on this and worked my ass off. Our team worked their asses off. It was all Blood, Sweat and Tears. And it was all worth the pain.

I believe, that our yearbook is set the bar for senior high school yearbook standard (in Jubilee school to say the least). I even heard that O Level kinda copied the style of our cover for their cover. Well, I haven't seen it tho. Also, last year graduate (2007) used the same direction for their layout. I think it was a compliment to us yearbook staff, that people trying to copy the artwork. That means us rock!

Since I saw the first SMP yearbook (2003), I vowed myself to design my senior class yearbook. I did and I'm glad that I joined the team. Now I can die happy. (D)

ps: hope we can recreate this photo one more time. LOLs


I was checking out my friendster and I just wanted to see the horoscope (fyi: im not a big believer in horoscope. wtv).
Here's mine:

(GEMINI): Things need to be radically changed -- but if you take your time, you can do it! You can see what needs to be fixed in your life right now, and you are starting to come to the conclusion that things need to be radically changed if you are going to get to where you want to be -- but don't get scared, get empowered! You know you need to do it, and you know how to do it -- so do it! Sure, it might take more time than you thought, and it might cause some conflict in your life. But you will feel much happier once things are the way you want them to be.

I was like, dang that was so true (and sadly, that's where I'm at). I need to change my lifestyle. immediately. otherwise it'd be very bad. I need the motivation, which I'm lack of.

Anyway, I'm still wondering how people could predict things like this. I'm still curious. Yea.. that's my post reacting to the horoscope. If you happen to see urs, please let me know ur horoscope predictions! (LOL).

Have a nice day!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

What's Up?


Just wanna update this blog. I'm getting real lazy lately.. but I get my sleeping time back! yeay. I slept around 11-12pm and woke up around 7-10am. HA!

Ok.. I'm addicted to renting movies lately. And I watched 'Vanilla Sky' and 'The Iron Giant' throughout this week. 'Vanilla Sky' (starring Tom Cruise, Cameron Diaz & Penelope Cruz. what a great cast!) was a sick movie which I kinda like. Sick and twisted. While 'The Iron Giant' was an animated movie (starring Harry Connick Jr & Jennifer Aniston) that reminds me of my love to traditional animated movies. The Iron Giant is a great family movie that I highly recommended! :D

oK.. it turns out to be a looong post. Aha!
see ya guys folks! (pardon my grammar)
Miss ya guys! :D

ps: i removed a part of this post to avoid further troubles. peace out! :D

Friday, July 11, 2008

Hair Today, Gone Tommorow

Another hair-related post today! But that's later.

Hi! It's been a while since my last post. Ok.. I also want to update my life here! so u'll learn a lil bit of me everyday! (LOLs).
I'm now in my apt in Boston (just cleaned up the stuffs) and also I just finished my laundry! ha. I'm planning to go back to New Jersey one last time, before my mom and my sister & bro coming to Boston. (Rani, tunggu tanggal mainnya!).

Here's the 'hair' part. I just got my self a new hair cut! from a salon across my apartment. It's kinda expensive.. but I just need a haircut so bad! (I also dyed it back black~ alright!)

Anyway.. I'm so hungry and I don't feel like to gym (But i have to!). Maybe tommorow I'll go to gym. I also need to get an eye exam wtv. Bummer. Haha

See ya guys soon! :d

Monday, July 7, 2008


First off, Happy 4th of July!
I went to see the fireworks near my college, It was super beautiful. I had a blast! (Rani came to Boston!)

I just got back from New Jersey last friday. It was an exhausting day. I was in New York, the day before 4th of July. I wanted to get a 10 pm bus from NY - Boston. But hell, the line was tooooooooooo long, I couldn't get any ticket! So I decided to stayed a night at a Chinatown hotel with Rani. It was an experience. It's like a soap box (kotak sabun). We both laughed so hard.. because we'd never thought that we'd ended up like that. The next day at 6 AM, we took the first bus and arrived at Boston safe and sound!

As soon as I arrived to my apt, I gotta set up an internet connection. It was suck at first, because it was kinda confusing and frustrating! (Thanks God, the next day, after a call with a customer service, the 'net is working!).

I'm getting lazy nowadays.. I even don't have a motivation to upload a post, until now. Today I also need to pay electric bills, clean up the apartments and go to gym (the first time since last may!). Shits! haha.

Ok, folks, I'll see ya soon.

ps: i've updated the banner, the playlist and the pix of the moment! :D
BTW, ni cyn!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Hair, There & Everywhere

Hey there!

I changed my hair to auburn red ala Lindsay Lohan circa 2004 (fyi: this is my 15th time i dyed my hair. no kidding). Another 'Cinko' hair color. Well at least it's not as cinko as blonde. Rani picked the color for me to try.. so there.. haha. I felt more comfortable being a dark haired (black is the most comfortable). When I was a blondie, which the color is more like a gold, I always wear my hat! haha. I vowed never to go back to blond ever (unless, people pay me to get blonde). And oh! Rani 'leaked' the photo of me in blonde on Facebook. What a disgrace! LOL

Also, I really, really miss my dogs a lot.. that sometimes I imagined that they're here with me. It's sick. Haha.. ThankGod.. my sister always put their latest pictures on Flickr, which cure my yearning a lil. Here's some o the pics:

Jokker will turn 2 y.o. this November
Rockey just turn 1 y.o. last March
Duo kepo

O by the way, Happy July!
Thank you and SEE YA!