Saturday, May 30, 2009


Who doesn't want to smell good? Of course no one would ever want to be smelly or whatever. Me neither and perfume seems the best compliment to complete a look. Yes, I'm obsessed with perfume! (at least for now). For the last couple of months, I bought 2 perfumes (YSL 'L'Homme' and Jean-Paul Gaultier 'Le Male') to add my collections of scents.

There's something about perfume that makes it interesting and, for some reason, prestigious. When it comes to perfume, the label is on top of my head. The designer label makes a perfume prestigious and exclusive. Not so many people can afford thousands of dollars worth of designer stuffs (bags, shoes, clothings, etc.) and designer perfumes are the most affordable among others. So for me, the label is make or break a perfume (in my case, the label can make or break me from buying it).

Overall, the reason I collect perfumes is because I love fashion and I love to collect the bottles .. while the perfume itself is a bonus to the unique bottle. I like the fact that it is a designer products and it smells good too. So far, my favorite perfumes are Bvlgari Aqva and YSL L'Homme. Which one is yours?

Thursday, May 28, 2009

MIXER June '09: Bono

I like U2's new single, Get On Your Boots, cuz it's fun and upbeat. Besides, it was used for Dolce & Gabbana Fall 09 show, so it's fashionable (I Think). Regardless, Bono is a legend in his own right, he's a philantrophist and a rocker! good combo.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

First Week In Jakarta

It feels real good; home-cooked meals, the smell of my old room and of course the family and friends. My dogs also the best things ever in this house. The first week of my trip back home was beautiful. Well, it's not even a week yet though, but feels like forever now. I deffo consider this (although hasn't not even started yet) holiday my highlight of the year.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

One Last Post

Ok, first off, I'm so ecstatic that I'm going back to Jakarta in one day! I already losing sleep because of excitement. On the other hand, I feel I have so many memories in Boston, I don't feel like leaving these all behind. Well, it's a bit exaggerated, and besides I'll be back this fall. I can't wait to see my dogs, families, friends.. and do things I usually do there. So-so-so excited.

Unfortunately, I'm still a little bit sick. It is upsetting, because it's almost 3 weeks I've been dealing with this and it has become very annoying. Last weekend, I spent a whole day moving boxes to a storage (well, mostly my bro and his friends did the heavy-lifting, thank God 4 them) and I spent days packing things up. I gotta admit it was super stressful and for that, I hate moving, period. Moving always give people such drama (literally or not) and besides I hate drama (in films or real life).

Yesterday, while my brother and friends went to NY (I decided to called off the plan, due to illness), I went to have lunch and snappy sushi. While I was eating my "uni", I was wondering how many times I've been visiting that place and eventually, I saw flashbacks of my past 1,5 years of life here in this bean-town. During that lunch, I felt like a 70 year old guy who reflected his life, and I'm not even 21 and f I haven't even finished my degree whatsoever. Then, I went to shop, and quickly I felt like a 17 y.o.

I'm just so happy and a bit in a state of shock; I couldn't believe, I almost spend 1,5 years in Boston! I think, more or less, I need a little bit a pat on the back! I'm so happy I decided to wait for 1,5 years and going back to hometown never feels so good. So far, I'm gonna miss this town, and moreover, my home and two lil' doggies! See you in Jakarta

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A Piece Of Mind

After a bathroom break, I came back here (to my laptop). Thinking "it's May! it's almost done". I can't believe tomorrow's my last class of this spring semester and I'm about to go back to Indonesia in less than 3 weeks! I almost can't contain my excitement. I decided to write down things to get 'em off my chest - and boy, it's gonna be a long-ass one.

Anyway, today I just finished my whole dresses (day dress and an impromptu dress). I stayed over 24 hrs straight to finish them all and me and Emily stayed over at my place working on the dress in the wee hours. I felt so unfresh at that time. Anyway, I was very happy and so happy to found that finally! I made it on time (which I never did before) and It ain't look too bad. I took some pics on Monday and today (it's 3 AM Tuesday as I writing this entry) I'm gonna take some more. I have to say I outdid myself and to be honest, I kinda proud of myself (big thanks to Emily who helped me figure out the effing linings! and facings too! :D). After the unnecessary linings fixing (3 hrs!) and 8+ yards of chiffon, I can relax a bit.

While the fashion part is over, I do still have more to come; final is on Thursday (for English) and a reflective paper for Public Speaking. I do take it easy this time, and I'm gonna do the paper tomorrow at school. I still have some classes tomorrow, and I think I'd come. It's funny 'cause I always hate to come to school period, but it's the last day I just wanna experience the last day of school (I'm very looking forward for the public speaking class).

It's been a pretty exciting semester so far and in fact, my favorite yet. I do have to say thank to my fashion design teacher, Mr. Mason, cause he actually made this happen and made it exciting. Friends are ain't bad either. I love my classmates and I'm gonna miss them throughout the summer. I miss the activity in the class, the busy lab and night hours of grueling works and even I'm gonna miss the senior-students who helped me a lot during the Fashion Week. My other classes are good too - although it's not really the case for the history of costume. English pretty good although I'm questioning my grade there. Public Speaking is definitely my fave. So yeah, I love this semester.

I'm so glad I took a stand of what I believe and I felt. I wasn't happy in business school at that time and after certain 'dramas' on friendships, I decided to listen to my head for once; it's time to be honest to myself. I came up to mom and said I want to quit the school and pursuing fashion design and both parents said yes. I remember I felt so overjoyed and very touched by that - o yes, there were some on-the-verge-of-tears-of-joy moments. I took a year off and concentrated - well not really - on preparing myself for the next step. I initially picked NY as a first choice, but faith decided another way; Boston. I never think of Boston as a destination of fashion design, but it's my only choice at that time. But I'm glad anyways and here I am, 2 years after I decided my choice and I absolutely stand by it.

I'm looking forward for the next fall semester and meanwhile, I can't wait for the summer vacation for 3 months in the most exciting place on earth right now (to me at least): Jakarta.