Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A Piece Of Mind

After a bathroom break, I came back here (to my laptop). Thinking "it's May! it's almost done". I can't believe tomorrow's my last class of this spring semester and I'm about to go back to Indonesia in less than 3 weeks! I almost can't contain my excitement. I decided to write down things to get 'em off my chest - and boy, it's gonna be a long-ass one.

Anyway, today I just finished my whole dresses (day dress and an impromptu dress). I stayed over 24 hrs straight to finish them all and me and Emily stayed over at my place working on the dress in the wee hours. I felt so unfresh at that time. Anyway, I was very happy and so happy to found that finally! I made it on time (which I never did before) and It ain't look too bad. I took some pics on Monday and today (it's 3 AM Tuesday as I writing this entry) I'm gonna take some more. I have to say I outdid myself and to be honest, I kinda proud of myself (big thanks to Emily who helped me figure out the effing linings! and facings too! :D). After the unnecessary linings fixing (3 hrs!) and 8+ yards of chiffon, I can relax a bit.

While the fashion part is over, I do still have more to come; final is on Thursday (for English) and a reflective paper for Public Speaking. I do take it easy this time, and I'm gonna do the paper tomorrow at school. I still have some classes tomorrow, and I think I'd come. It's funny 'cause I always hate to come to school period, but it's the last day I just wanna experience the last day of school (I'm very looking forward for the public speaking class).

It's been a pretty exciting semester so far and in fact, my favorite yet. I do have to say thank to my fashion design teacher, Mr. Mason, cause he actually made this happen and made it exciting. Friends are ain't bad either. I love my classmates and I'm gonna miss them throughout the summer. I miss the activity in the class, the busy lab and night hours of grueling works and even I'm gonna miss the senior-students who helped me a lot during the Fashion Week. My other classes are good too - although it's not really the case for the history of costume. English pretty good although I'm questioning my grade there. Public Speaking is definitely my fave. So yeah, I love this semester.

I'm so glad I took a stand of what I believe and I felt. I wasn't happy in business school at that time and after certain 'dramas' on friendships, I decided to listen to my head for once; it's time to be honest to myself. I came up to mom and said I want to quit the school and pursuing fashion design and both parents said yes. I remember I felt so overjoyed and very touched by that - o yes, there were some on-the-verge-of-tears-of-joy moments. I took a year off and concentrated - well not really - on preparing myself for the next step. I initially picked NY as a first choice, but faith decided another way; Boston. I never think of Boston as a destination of fashion design, but it's my only choice at that time. But I'm glad anyways and here I am, 2 years after I decided my choice and I absolutely stand by it.

I'm looking forward for the next fall semester and meanwhile, I can't wait for the summer vacation for 3 months in the most exciting place on earth right now (to me at least): Jakarta.

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