Wednesday, October 29, 2008

On The Verge of La La Land

I have a lot of things in my mind right now. I'm like one step closer to give up.. but I chose not to. This post is not about to spill the beans.. it's just about a matter of self-expression.

I've been living away from my hometown, my friends and family for 10 months now. It's been a good experience - and actually a life changing one. But I need a break. Although I love this place (to me, Boston is a second home), but I wanna experience a lil bit of my old life. The houses, cars and of course my Jokker + Rockey.

Well.. there's also issues in my life, every now and then. But this time it's personal. For those who knew it already, I've experienced a bad thing last year and now it comes back to haunt me and my fam. I hate the fact that it slowly progressed. I want and instant result. Too bad it's only exist in La La Land.

Anyway, life must go on. Thank God, I have good friends and families that I can count on. Now, I'm happy I expressed my feelings.. accompanied by feel-good songs (LoL). D

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Porn 4 Fat Kids

Last night's party was great. Great foods, great people, great fun.. Loves it. There's couple HK friends who's coming to my friends' pad to celebrate the move-in party. Too bad there's no booze around.

But anyway, we played this card game called Circle of Death. It's complicated tho, but it's like, if u take one card, the number on it says the measure on the glass of a drink u should drink. Ok.. i'm messed up. But hopefully u get the point. So basically we have to drinks anything from Coke, Fanta, Milk, Juice, sugar and yes.. salt. You can combine or even just plain drink one ingredients (like salt and water). Terrible. But for me, the rest of em are too sweet haha.

So today... I just bought my favorite candies! ('cuz out of the blue, i just feelin' the Halloween mood). I bought Hersheys kisses - candy corn flavored- and M&M's premium Triple chocolate. It's totally heaven! ha! For me, eating candy is guilty as charged. But can't help it. LOL


Saturday, October 25, 2008

Busy Day

Yesterday was crazy day.

I went to school at 9 and got back at 7 p.m.. I was worn out. I felt sick that morning, but decided to go anyway. The result: slept from 9.30 p.m. - 10.30 a.m.

Today, I'm cleaning my apartment, the whole thing! (I'm taking a break right now, cuz I need it). Still upset about the fact that I don't have a lot of time for myself.. but still have to do things anyway. I really wanna go to get my hair cut and gym. so bad.
Maybe tomorrow I'll go to gym.. o don't mention about my homework. I have plenty.

So.. busy day's ahead of me now. D

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Ten Minutes Before Class


First, off, it's friggin noisy in this comp lab. It's f-ing irritating. Sigh.

Anyway, I'm planning to go back to my apt this afternoon.. but kinda lazy to go back, since there's going to be another class at 3.30 (and I don't want to be late, anymore). It's problematic in a way, 'cause I need to take number two! but I don't wanna take it here, in school. No way.

(Class starting in 5 minutes)

Tonight's gonna be another busy day for me. I need to do sketches like, hundred pages of 'em, the paper for Cause & Effect. Holy crap. I just can't wait.

Alright. Gotta go.
bye! D

ps: I think I'm gonna change the layout. real soon. bye!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Rocktober Chic

I saw the Spring/Summer '09 fashion shows at fashion week early this month (from blogs and sites of course), and I was bit disappointed. Those collections aren't really exciting as last season's collection (which means Fall 08). Gucci? boring. Balenciaga? downgraded. Marc Jacobs? well, okay. I mean not all of those collections are bad, but just not exciting.

So, last season, I picked Balenciaga as my favorite designer (and still is! Fall 08 collection is to die for). This fashion week, I have a winner. It hails from France as well. Balmain is really stood out to me, thanks to the rock-chick couture style. Balmain's last season collection was good tho, but not created buzz enough. This one's no different. But personally, Balmain generated a new trend!

Pierre Balmain was the founder of the house of Balmain. He once hailed as "The King of French fashion", dressing legendary actress such as Ava Gardner. After Balmain's death in '82, his 'right hand' Erik Mortensen stepped in. Oscar De La Renta also once led the house, from 1993-2001. Under Balmain, Mortensen and De La Renta, Balmain was still known for its luxurious style. Now led by Christopher Decarnin, Balmain is now more edgier and sexier than ever.

What do you think? Is there any designer does it better?


Friday, October 17, 2008


I'm officially tired. I need a looong weekend, for real.

Last Thursday I didn't get enough sleep and had to be awake for staying in school for 9 hours! thanks to design classes, English essay and that damn convocation (which I got a prize!).

Anyway, for the last two days, school just wearing me out. I'm super exhausted. I also need to go to gym in moderation, so I can lose weight and to make my bro's stop buggin' me about the gym routine. whatever.

I also have to confess. I don't use to be an outgoing person, like literally. I don't go out too much. I prefer stay at home, either bored or not. I just love stay at home, sleeping and eating. I don't need to go to movies, shopping (well, sometimes), but my point is.. I don't need to be out all day to be happy. I only need a little place called home. And internet.

So.. yeah. I concluded this week as the most exhausting week since last June! (physically and mentally.)
Ha! D

Sunday, October 12, 2008

MIXER November '08: Pink

Pink is the latest star to grace MIXER cover, to celebrate her new upcoming record Funhouse. I like the slim fonts to make it simple and readable. BTW, this is my second attempt for the cover and eventually scrapped the first cover and go with this one. :d Comments! D

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Caffeine Fixed

I just finished my Starbucks and I have an hour to kill.
So here i am writing this post. Talking about coffee, u should get non-fat White Chocolate Mocha. It's delicious, fun and smells good. Definitely a good one.

October is here and it's officially cold. I really really need to get use to the cold temp. I used to be in this kind of situation, but apparently my body is still in the summer mode. I still love ice creams, sushi and BBQ. It's definitely summer mode.

By the way, I'm still stuck in school. I have to meet a tutor discussing my assignment. I'm pissed as hell, found out that someone erased my name! from a list! f#$% that beeyotch. ha! I also bummed that I have to go to a friend's house. Not because of the place.. it's the assignments I have. Not cute. I have to stitch bunch of fabrics and stuff. I don't know what to do.

English too! I don't think I can make it today. I'm tired as hell.
Need a sleep for real. D