Saturday, October 18, 2008

Rocktober Chic

I saw the Spring/Summer '09 fashion shows at fashion week early this month (from blogs and sites of course), and I was bit disappointed. Those collections aren't really exciting as last season's collection (which means Fall 08). Gucci? boring. Balenciaga? downgraded. Marc Jacobs? well, okay. I mean not all of those collections are bad, but just not exciting.

So, last season, I picked Balenciaga as my favorite designer (and still is! Fall 08 collection is to die for). This fashion week, I have a winner. It hails from France as well. Balmain is really stood out to me, thanks to the rock-chick couture style. Balmain's last season collection was good tho, but not created buzz enough. This one's no different. But personally, Balmain generated a new trend!

Pierre Balmain was the founder of the house of Balmain. He once hailed as "The King of French fashion", dressing legendary actress such as Ava Gardner. After Balmain's death in '82, his 'right hand' Erik Mortensen stepped in. Oscar De La Renta also once led the house, from 1993-2001. Under Balmain, Mortensen and De La Renta, Balmain was still known for its luxurious style. Now led by Christopher Decarnin, Balmain is now more edgier and sexier than ever.

What do you think? Is there any designer does it better?


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