Thursday, August 27, 2009

The September Issue

September is the major month in fashion industry's calendar. Why? I assumed that it's because the Fall collection (from February - March 09) come in full force, before another fashion collections for next year's Spring coming. But actually, have no idea.

I'm really obsessed with fashion magazines' September issue and I already purchased 3 so far: BAZAAR, VOGUE & W (I'm missing V magazine & VOGUE Italia. I skipped ELLE, cause it's becoming un-chic). I don't know exactly why I'm obsessed with it or when was I started to become obsessed. But one thing for sure, the issue is thick to begin with. It's thick as hell and you can use it as a self-defense if you wish. Second, it's bombarded with major designer fall campaigns (ah, maybe that's the reason it's major). The last one, the price still the same, despite how many pages the issue will get.

My personal favorite is probably VOGUE. Besides the quality of it, VOGUE is easily THE access to fashion world, thanks to the fashion's resident bitch (allegedly) Anna Wintour. They also offers more high fashion side of fashion, unlike any other fashion magazines. There's also my other favorite, BAZAAR. I love BAZAAR because they tend to be high fashion but don't completely leave commercial part behind. So I appreciate the fashion spreads and also the trends section of what's in, what's still ok and what's should be kept in the closet.

So, what's your favorite September issue?

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Back In Boston

Finally here! yea, I'm in my new apartment right now, and it was great! I love everything so far - however, now i have to get use to using the train to go everywhere, cuz here's the thing: i use to live in chinatown which close to anything i need (CVS, Food Court etc), so this is a new adjustment, here and there. Anyway, just got the boxes coming and we're opening one by one - and btw, the storage was hot like hell, i hate to know that i eventually have to do that all over again next year.

About the apartment, I love the fact that it's more spacious than the previous one and the kitchen is way bigger too. There's also so many closet spaces for clothes and stuffs - very convenient. Comparing this apartment with my last one, this one's a great deal! love the internet connection here - it's so fast and I got lucky again! that's all i'm saying. Also, just got Comcast cable today! so, yay!

We already unpacked things - like, 89% of it, so it's great now. The apt. started to grow on me and I can't wait to resume my life here.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

One Last Week In Jakarta

Hi! this prolly my last entry before I'm leaving for Boston in less than 12 hours! So anyway, here's some higlights! (btw, I chopped my hair off, traded my faux-hawk for clean-crop cut!).

An Indian Wedding

Last Monday, I experienced the most interesting wedding I've ever been so far. It's an Indian wedding for Mansha's! my fave teacher of all time! (aha). Anyway, I love the fact that this wedding is sorta like a mini-reunion for some of us - and btw, the bride's Sari! gorgeous!

I went with my ex-MaFia mates, Vincent and Sianny, and we got there like 15 mins earlier. Anyway, i totally forgot that the actual wedding was held inside a Pura, so the guests must take off their shoes (I got a pair of dirty feet later that night). I met some of my old schoolmates and some of them (3 of them) wore Saris and the girls got tattooed! (henna tattos). Highlight of the night: the photo sessions and the grilled focaccia!

Congrats to the happy couple!

A Barbecue Night
Last Wed, (19 Aug) we had this fun barbecue - it was a tad quiet one (although my bro's table was the ridiculously loud that night). Well yea, it was a low-key BBQ this time, toned it down to just serving Sate (pork, chicken & lamb) and siomay (or chinese called it Shiu Mai).

I called some of my closest friends to come and it was a blast! So happy that they showed up and I truly appreciated them coming! (to Bajaj and Cyn! next time ya!). I consider this party to end the 3 months of summer holiday! to seal the deal! the finale and stuffs.

A Holiday To Remember
My holiday has truly coming to an end! Months in Jakarta, spent crazy amount of funs, foods (these weight i gained, is unforgivable) and others will be truly missed. I love the karaokes, the frozen yoghurts, the foods and of course friends and family I've been meeting for the last couple of months - and also won't forget my Jo-Rock. I personally love my trips with my closest friends - however, there's one trip with an ex-bff, was quite dull. So, so far I got a matching stars with Aidee, did hundreds of karaoke, multiple trips to Sushi Tei (& SoHo), gallons of Sour Sally, took thousands of photos and played millions of hours with Jokker & Rockey. So now it's officially over, and new semester (and busy nights) has already on the line; it's time to go back to reality now. Selamat tinggal Jakarta!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

MIXER September '09: Lady Gaga

We goin' gaga for Lady Gaga. Actually it's not really strange to find out that Gaga is everywhere, grace every fashion magazines with her quirky-androgynous look. Thanks to her uberhit "Just Dance" and "Poker Face". She's truly a unique individual, and pure artist that I really enjoy and adore!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Happy Hours

These last couple of days are felt like weekends to me, I had fun - loads of em, and I enjoyed it with some of my closest friends. We sing, we laugh and we eat! and when it comes to the latter, it's all about the Friday's!

TGI Friday's that is. Yes, I love them food especially the Jack D's steak or babyback ribs. Me likey and apparently TGI has become me and some of my friends favorite place to dine and hang out (Rubby and Sianny, btw). Ok, this might sounds super cheesy, but I love hanging out with em over there, it's very laid back and jokes seem never run out from our thoughtless minds.. just kidding.
It was Friday night and I haven't sleep for 25 hrs - but somehow I feel really good!

So anyway, on last Thursday, Aug 13, we went out at 2ish PM and we went straight to TGI via highway. It was quite fun - and photographical (I mean Sianny is the photog of the day, so). We took a lot of photos that day (sadly, I forgot to took my camera when we were singin' crazy at karaoke). Some of em are okay, some of em are asian stars-ish (gah), but mostly memorable! :D. Later that night, we hit the karaoke to seal the day. We went mad inside the booth, singing madly, cover songs from "Faint", "Me & Mrs. Jones", some of MJ's hits to the bottom class track (brace yourself), "Kucing Garong." Granted, we had hell of a fun night.

So, after two days of downtime, today my bestie from high school, Aidee came visit! we walked my dogs and later that night we went out for dinner, getting our sushi fix at Tei. It was again, fun and sorta laid back and we ended the night with kwotie and Sour Sally treats.

Moral of the story: If there's food, friends and good times, I'm always in!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Gorgeous Gucci

Campaign ads for Fall/Winter '09 - my favorite Raquel is in it!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Knowing What's Up

Hi! For the last couple of days, it was pretty fun and super exhausting. Last Thursday I went out to see 'UP' in 3-D at Senayan Plaza and It was great with a capital G. The movie was fun, the visual was off the hook, the story-line was okay though - and oh! the 3-D was great! and I can say that Indonesian is really catching up in the entertainment department. So you knew by now that I really enjoyed it!

On Friday afternoon I woke up after a 12-hour sleep at 1 PM. I didn't know what happen but I felt incredibly tired. Anyway, I spent the whole day with family (my aunt and brothers - including Russell), went swimming, checked out some culinary school, went out for Chinese food and so on. Well, I felt really laid back yesterday and it felt nice.

Btw, I watched 'Knowing' for the first time last night and I was intrigued by it. Well, the disasters were pretty shocking, but I'm thinking about this world - people in particular. Is the world has been tainted by human so much, that we - the grown ups - deserve to be left out on earth and 'burned' alive? and what's up with the aliens anyway.. why they're portrayed like they have the rights to decide who's right and who's wrong? I think all we can do is start taking seriously about the green movement.. save the earth thingys. Save energy, conserve the forests, for the sake of our future. Good night!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Life Resumed At Three

For the last couple of days, I did nothing but eating and sleeping. And oh, i caught diarrhea! what a nice "present". So yea, I decided today it's all gonna change, one twitter post at a time. (I put my vow on the status).

Initially, I've planned the whole day started with gym at 10 am. Little did I know, my sleeping cycle hasn't go back to normal. So everything started at 3 pm. Before I hit the gym, I paid a visit to my aunt's "salon" to got some hair cut - well, when I say salon, it means a set up with table & chair downstair - and I got a crazy one, a la Rihanna. Then hit the gym; did some cardio, weightlifts and so on. The first time this week! so pretty excited and later at night, I went out with family to had dinner, celebrating dad's b'day.

So it's actually nothing special but so glad my daily life restarting again.. so it's a small step for me, a giant leap for my future! whatever.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


I have to admit that I'm super nervous at this point. The main reason is that my days are numbered here, and I'm not ready to go back to Boston a.k.a. reality. I also have a gym membership that'll end in less than a month (and I just used in once last week) and I can't go there, thanks to diarrhea. Another factor is that I have a secret project with a friend that involving wedding.

Not gonna lie, that I'm a type of person who wait until the very last minute. It used to be fun (when you were in high school), but not anymore. I have to finish everything, every single thing in less than 18 days. It's sick. I just hope that I can finish everything in time. So, no more traveling for me.

In conclusion I gotta finish: the gym membership, the wedding project, packing my bags, making clothes and spend some quality times with family and friends. This is intense!