Saturday, August 15, 2009

Happy Hours

These last couple of days are felt like weekends to me, I had fun - loads of em, and I enjoyed it with some of my closest friends. We sing, we laugh and we eat! and when it comes to the latter, it's all about the Friday's!

TGI Friday's that is. Yes, I love them food especially the Jack D's steak or babyback ribs. Me likey and apparently TGI has become me and some of my friends favorite place to dine and hang out (Rubby and Sianny, btw). Ok, this might sounds super cheesy, but I love hanging out with em over there, it's very laid back and jokes seem never run out from our thoughtless minds.. just kidding.
It was Friday night and I haven't sleep for 25 hrs - but somehow I feel really good!

So anyway, on last Thursday, Aug 13, we went out at 2ish PM and we went straight to TGI via highway. It was quite fun - and photographical (I mean Sianny is the photog of the day, so). We took a lot of photos that day (sadly, I forgot to took my camera when we were singin' crazy at karaoke). Some of em are okay, some of em are asian stars-ish (gah), but mostly memorable! :D. Later that night, we hit the karaoke to seal the day. We went mad inside the booth, singing madly, cover songs from "Faint", "Me & Mrs. Jones", some of MJ's hits to the bottom class track (brace yourself), "Kucing Garong." Granted, we had hell of a fun night.

So, after two days of downtime, today my bestie from high school, Aidee came visit! we walked my dogs and later that night we went out for dinner, getting our sushi fix at Tei. It was again, fun and sorta laid back and we ended the night with kwotie and Sour Sally treats.

Moral of the story: If there's food, friends and good times, I'm always in!


quirkyl4dy said...

gonna miss this moment

Damien said...

totally! sian, keep reading this blog! u'll find out more! haha