Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Life Resumed At Three

For the last couple of days, I did nothing but eating and sleeping. And oh, i caught diarrhea! what a nice "present". So yea, I decided today it's all gonna change, one twitter post at a time. (I put my vow on the status).

Initially, I've planned the whole day started with gym at 10 am. Little did I know, my sleeping cycle hasn't go back to normal. So everything started at 3 pm. Before I hit the gym, I paid a visit to my aunt's "salon" to got some hair cut - well, when I say salon, it means a set up with table & chair downstair - and I got a crazy one, a la Rihanna. Then hit the gym; did some cardio, weightlifts and so on. The first time this week! so pretty excited and later at night, I went out with family to had dinner, celebrating dad's b'day.

So it's actually nothing special but so glad my daily life restarting again.. so it's a small step for me, a giant leap for my future! whatever.

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