Thursday, August 27, 2009

The September Issue

September is the major month in fashion industry's calendar. Why? I assumed that it's because the Fall collection (from February - March 09) come in full force, before another fashion collections for next year's Spring coming. But actually, have no idea.

I'm really obsessed with fashion magazines' September issue and I already purchased 3 so far: BAZAAR, VOGUE & W (I'm missing V magazine & VOGUE Italia. I skipped ELLE, cause it's becoming un-chic). I don't know exactly why I'm obsessed with it or when was I started to become obsessed. But one thing for sure, the issue is thick to begin with. It's thick as hell and you can use it as a self-defense if you wish. Second, it's bombarded with major designer fall campaigns (ah, maybe that's the reason it's major). The last one, the price still the same, despite how many pages the issue will get.

My personal favorite is probably VOGUE. Besides the quality of it, VOGUE is easily THE access to fashion world, thanks to the fashion's resident bitch (allegedly) Anna Wintour. They also offers more high fashion side of fashion, unlike any other fashion magazines. There's also my other favorite, BAZAAR. I love BAZAAR because they tend to be high fashion but don't completely leave commercial part behind. So I appreciate the fashion spreads and also the trends section of what's in, what's still ok and what's should be kept in the closet.

So, what's your favorite September issue?


steph said...

i love fall issues too! after all september is the start of the fashion season they say. tapi klo vogue kadang barangnya ga bisa dpake sehari2. ehhe my fave is marie claire or glamor cuz they have substantial articles

Damien said...

well, vogue sells fantasy i guess. hehe. btw, i think u'll like NYLON mag, it matches ur style! Nylon has quite distinct style of fashion dibanding ama magazine2 lain. hehe

Damien said...
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