Friday, August 7, 2009

Knowing What's Up

Hi! For the last couple of days, it was pretty fun and super exhausting. Last Thursday I went out to see 'UP' in 3-D at Senayan Plaza and It was great with a capital G. The movie was fun, the visual was off the hook, the story-line was okay though - and oh! the 3-D was great! and I can say that Indonesian is really catching up in the entertainment department. So you knew by now that I really enjoyed it!

On Friday afternoon I woke up after a 12-hour sleep at 1 PM. I didn't know what happen but I felt incredibly tired. Anyway, I spent the whole day with family (my aunt and brothers - including Russell), went swimming, checked out some culinary school, went out for Chinese food and so on. Well, I felt really laid back yesterday and it felt nice.

Btw, I watched 'Knowing' for the first time last night and I was intrigued by it. Well, the disasters were pretty shocking, but I'm thinking about this world - people in particular. Is the world has been tainted by human so much, that we - the grown ups - deserve to be left out on earth and 'burned' alive? and what's up with the aliens anyway.. why they're portrayed like they have the rights to decide who's right and who's wrong? I think all we can do is start taking seriously about the green movement.. save the earth thingys. Save energy, conserve the forests, for the sake of our future. Good night!

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