Sunday, August 23, 2009

Back In Boston

Finally here! yea, I'm in my new apartment right now, and it was great! I love everything so far - however, now i have to get use to using the train to go everywhere, cuz here's the thing: i use to live in chinatown which close to anything i need (CVS, Food Court etc), so this is a new adjustment, here and there. Anyway, just got the boxes coming and we're opening one by one - and btw, the storage was hot like hell, i hate to know that i eventually have to do that all over again next year.

About the apartment, I love the fact that it's more spacious than the previous one and the kitchen is way bigger too. There's also so many closet spaces for clothes and stuffs - very convenient. Comparing this apartment with my last one, this one's a great deal! love the internet connection here - it's so fast and I got lucky again! that's all i'm saying. Also, just got Comcast cable today! so, yay!

We already unpacked things - like, 89% of it, so it's great now. The apt. started to grow on me and I can't wait to resume my life here.

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