Thursday, December 27, 2007

Happy Xmas

MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone. Sorry for this late post. But it's never too late to spread the greetings, ain't it?

Ok.. Christmas was 3 days ago but I wanna share some stories. I promised myself to brings the Christmas spirit back from hibernation (my last Christmas present was almost 10 years ago). So, I decided to pull off Santa. On Xmas eve, I shopped for the whole family (yea, my dad, mom, aunt, granma, bro, sis and a cousin) just under 2 hours. Then, I wrapped it all up by myself at late night for 3 hours (and also watched Janice Dickinson's Christmas special). The Big moment came up at the morning. It was such a blast. I felt happy.. and hopefully what I did for them appreciated.

I also kinda nervous right now cuz in just less than 3 weeks, I'm gonna be on the other side of the world (a.k.a. States). I have several stages or nervousness. First is visa. I have to go for it this Monday which make my stomach turns upside down. I'm stressing myself out (hopefully I don't messed things up). Second is the stuffs that I should bring. That problem kinda makes me nervous because I'm afraid I forgot to bring important things which will be awful If I did. The last one is America itself. It makes me nervous. Seriously, I have no idea what Boston will gonna be like. I've been to America but I never been to East Coast, yet. Well, hopefully I can through with this, like I did 4 times before.

Anyways, It's still holiday.. and please be happy and again, Happy holidays for all of ya.. Next is New Year! the party will be held in my house! stay tuned for photos! (I'm planning to make sushi :P)

Au Revoir, 4 now

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Holiday Spirits!

Today's been pretty lame. Since my parents were out for 2 days (but they're back already), I wasn't permitted to go out at any reason.. except for going to nearby places. So me and my bro decided to made some meals.. for the whole day. The sidedishes in particular. But, to make the story kinda 'nice', I tell u about My day!

Saturday, 22 December '07 (happy mother's day!)

I started off the day woke up at 7.. to pee. Because the weather still cold and cloudy, I crawled back to bed and slept for another hours (5 to be exact). Then I ate noodles for lunch (courtesy my favorite cooking God, grandma!) with charsiu (barbequed red pork). After that.. I played Wii for a while, until I got bored and decided to get the holiday spirit on: make some foods! my bro made some delicious crepes with caramelized brown sugar and cinammon apple fillings, SO great, while I made some cookies. Thanks to my bestie, Betty Crocker.

For dinner, My bro made some fried cassave with brie cheese and smoked beef fillings. Another yummy snacks. We ate charsiu (again!) with ikan bilis tumis cabe (sooo good) with vegies and brown rice.

Later that night, after the whole day of eating, we still want more (especially me). So, before we watched a Rush Hour movie (the third), we decided to made some meals. I made sandwiches with bacon, smoked beef and cheese with mustard & ketchup, while he made egg nog; a traditional American holiday drink made off egg white, egg yolk, cream, lots of sugar and bourbon (in my case, Cognac!).

Actually, today was not that bad. I just missed my friends (you know who you are!) and I missed the whole concept of Holiday joy and spirit. But my goal is to make everyone's happy this Christmas, since it's Jokker, Rockey and Russel's first Xmas.

Btw, I wanna share some Holiday tracks for you to hear (or download): Sarah McLachlan - "The First Noel", Josh Groban - "The First Noel", Michael Buble - "I'll Be Home For Christmas", Christina Aguilera - "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas".

Okie Dokie, Let the joy begins!

See U

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Carbonara Day

Today pretty regular to me.
Yesterday, my Grandma admitted to the hospital due to muscle complications and some heart things. But now she's okay and still in the hospital. Hopefully, by Monday we can get her outta there (the doctor's kinda ignorant to me and he bothers me and my aunt). Anyway..

10:11 am - 3 pm Today I got up a lil' late. I always a lazy in the morning. So, I went to the school agent at Gading.. filled up all the form for Visa applications. Then me and my aunt went to Dapur Solo to grab lunches (we ate Nasi gudeg, nasi urap and sate ayam! yes!). Russell is the new star! literally everywhere. He grabs attention anywhere he goes! hehe

4 pm onwards Me and bro went off to Senayan. He wanted to know where's the concert (classical) will take place tommorow (it's at Istora Senayan). So I planned to cook dinner tonight. I wanted to make Carbonara pasta, Prawn salad with honey-mustard dressing and Ben & Jerry's Cinnamon roll ice cream. At Senayan I bought all the ingredients and also checked out the sales at TopShop, Zara etc. (It's so crowded! I end up stayed there less then 3 minutes).

Me and bro cooked the food and then, after 2 hours, feasts on those fat-full dinner! and have some well-deserved wines! yep!

Tommorow's gonna bring another things to me. Hopefully I'm ready. To be honest, for the next days, anything can happen. Either right or wrong.

See ya!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Trouble Sleeping

Hey! long time no see..

It's December already and yeah.. I have a lot to tell.

First off, Right now it's 4:40 AM and I still can't sleep (well after writing this blog then).. Actually, I already felt sleepy at 10:00 PM.. then as time went by, I didn't feel sleepy anymore, instead, I felt 'awake' (thanks to Amazing Race Asia and my sucky internet connection). At 12:30 I just fed up with this internet connection. I was like, I just gotta do this! so I checked everything and found the problem. The phone cable isn't attached well.. It's kinda loose. So I just tied the cable with wire and the rest is history.

Btw, I'm going to U.S.A. on January 2008.. but, to be honest I can't really spill all the details yet since everything except the class entry (which is Jan 22). So, I will go to Boston and gonna spend around 2 years there (and I think I would not go back home for a looong time!)

Okay then.. anyone who visited this blog please leave a shoutout! OK??
Best wishes!
See ya!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Jokker's First B'Day!

Yayyy!! My Jokker got his first BDAY! on 17 November! So excited, I bought my family Oreo Cheesecake (but sorry, not for you guys, J and Rock). Anyway, Happy Bday, bud! and stay tuned for more updates! See ya!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Totally Major!

Yep! Spice Girls are back! with new greatest hits album, new single and video! and now they all shot a commercial for TESCO, U.K.'s equivalent of American Target. Click here for the video!
Enjoy :D

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Years Of A Million Dreams

Disneyland have already celebrate its 50th anniversary last year. But the campaign and spirit never dies. Disneyland and Annie Leibovitz teams up once again to do a high-end photoshoot starring Hollywood stars with fairy tale themes.

There's David Beckham (as Prince Phillip from Sleeping Beauty), Scarlett Johansson (as Cinderella), Beyoncé (as Alice), Lyle Lovett (as March Hare), Oliver Platt (as Mad-Hatter) for the first three campaigns and then Rachel Weisz (as Snow White), Julie Andrews (as Blue Fairy), Abigail Breslin (as Pinnochio) and Roger Federer (as King Arthur) for the second round campaigns.

So there's 2 athletes, 2 singers and 4 actors.
One word: GORGEOUS!!!

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Back To Basics: Live and Down Under

The DVD I've been dying to buy! it's Christina Aguilera's 'Back to Basics: Live and Down Under' dvd!

It containts footages of her concert in Australia and backstage video from her concert in Boston. I was pissed when she came to Singapore but I didn't have a chance to go there.. so, this DVD is a must have, and.. check out the cover! I 'heart' Xtina!

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Beyoncé, Here I Come!

OMG. I can't believe myself! I just bought the tickets! for me and my sis!! (my sis back off, so my bro replaced her.. but I still have to see, if he could make it on time) We're going to see Beyoncé! This is a part of her tour: "The Beyoncé Experience" and she promised (via press release), she will bring the heat and give a knock-out performance.

I believe you, B! hehehe.. I'll update everything as soon as tommorow! see ya! :D

Here's the ticket!!!

Update: The Review

Whoa!!! her performance blew me away. As an Indonesian, having a worldwide quality super diva coming in to perform is a moment you wish u experience. That's why her tour called The Beyoncé Experience. My brother and sister both backed off from joining me and Angel (mi amigo) relpaced them. We were soooo excited, since it was our first concert ever. We waited since 4.30 pm until 9.20pm!!! So Nuts!! I almost wanna kill Beyoncé! (joking ofcourse)

But, overall, her performance, voice, costumes.. her crews, her dancers, her band, all gorgeous! they've done a very very good job!! It's definitely a highlight of my year!

Monday, October 29, 2007

The Diva, The Demons and The Mixer

I don't know what exactly was on my mind. Recent days, I went emotional and balistic.. out of control, insane. I wish I could get rid of em all, quick; otherwise, I can't be a good human being. I wanna be good.

Btw, Beyoncé will have a live concert here in Jakarta and I'm beyond excited! I really want to go to the show (It costs 650 thousand plus, which is suck). But, hopefully, my parent will lemme go see the concert, since I missed Christina Aguilera back in August in Singapore.

Okie Dokie, I got new MIXER cover for December issue, featuring miss Amy Winehouse. Go check it out, it's End-of-Year issue! She looked artsy, soberish and gorgeous!

Stay Fabo!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Yep, It's Britney, B*tch! hahaha.. the original princess of pop is back in the game! by releasing her new album, Blackout on October 30 (originally on Nov 13). She already released her single "Gimme More" which already been a radio anthem and she performed it at VMA 2007 (her worst performance ever -so far- in Britney's history). The album sounds pretty much like an album with a bunch of SexyBacks in a woman voice. Here's the tracklist:

1. Gimme More
2. Piece Of Me
3. Radar
4. Break The Ice
5. Heaven On Earth
6. Get Naked (I Got a Plan)
7. Freakshow
8. Toy Soldier
9. Hot as Ice
10. Ooh Ooh Baby
11. Perfect Lover
12. Why Should I Be Sad

I actually very excited for this album (especially, I already heard some of the tracks which ridiculously ear-catchy), But the main problem is the album cover.. which is sucked. I don't know why her record company will release this kind of cover album; it's not professional looking and it's VMA promo photos and colorized (it's a B&W photo). In short, the cover is fugly. So I came up with a challange: my own design!

So, don't hesitate to leave a comment, I'd like to hear it from y'all! like Britney said: gimme more!

See ya!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Flick Yer Bean For Agyness Deyn

Agyness Deyn is the most freshest model to date, or atleast, for me. I think she's the most standout from the rest of fresh-faced new models (Lily Donaldson, Jessica Stam, Coco Rocha, Lily Cole or Gemma Ward). She's got unique looks: striking gorgeous face, almost like innocent but with sexy yet quirky fashion sense. She drew inspirations for designer, like, House of Holland (the designer found her) and a lot of designers are dying to get her on their runways shows (most notably, Dolce & Gabbana, Armani, LV and more), Her face also graced advertisements such as Giorgio Armani, Burberry to name a few.

In the world of Naomis, Giseles and Kates, Agyness is truely a breath of fresh air and her unique look is a rare gem. She's definitely the one to watch!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007


I just found out the result today. I got 83!

The min. requirement for the university I apply is 80.. So, a big surprise for me! hahaha! But still, I need to wait for a while.. since, I just got the result.. then the agent have to send it to the uni and vice versa.. The tension is still high.

Anyway.. I'm into Grey's Anatomy nowadays. I know, I'm 2 years late, but it's totally addictive.. the story is great, the jokes are fresh and, if not, smart and more importantly, the characters are very human. You guys should watch it!!! hehehe

Alrightey, see ya on the next post. Cheers

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Mixing Things Up!

Perhaps, you guys already know.. I like to make magazine covers. So, for the November issue, I put Alicia Keys on the cover. She looks superb ain't it?

It's been a while, since my last post. Yep, I kinda lost my appetite on blogging (due to lack of activities and beside that, I'm a freelance blogger at Cooldesak). I gotta admit that, I'm a big time lazy person and can't overcome. I really like blogging, but since, there's nothing happening here.. It's kinda makes me think that this blog doesn't mean a thing. But anyway, it's my 'home'.

Enough with my senseless talk. See ya next post! :D

PS: Watch Grey's Anatomy!! the show is entertaining as hell!!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Birthday Girl

My Sis Bday was on Sept 12! It was great! I bought her Topshop top.. looks nice! Btw, here's the photos! (My Bro bought the cake! yum! and the drinks? Wild Cherry)

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Tension is High!

OmG. I stressed myself out. I was slept overtime in the day which resulted me exhausted and can't sleep at night (by the time I post this, it's 5:23 am). Anyway, I got both nervous and excitement all at once. Today, I got TOEFL Test app. at 4 pm which is a very important requirement in order to be accepted and second one is my sis bday which is today! (Sept. 12)

Ok, the most exciting this is I'm gonna fly off to Spore in a day (I go to Spore on Sept 13). Im looking forward to it and It's just exciting to be honest and who doesn't love holiday?? hehe

Anyway, I wanna show you this month's 'magazine cover' of MIXER. Maroon 5 is the cover star! Thanks to their latest hit "Makes Me Wonder" and their album It Won't Be Soon Before Long. Enjoy!

Monday, August 27, 2007

MIXER September 2007

Ok.. this is the first ever my so-called magazine goes public. Actually it's just about the art covers.

I have this interest in making layouts and magazine covers. I think magazine is the coolest thing and hip. Also, magazine cover sometimes is a milestone or sort of publication for celebrity. In short, it's a hip thing. So from that, MIXER was born.

Ok, that was a brief history of MIXER magazine! So far i've been doing this since 2003 and a lot of covers have been made. Now, I post the September cover which is the first issue ever that has two covers (a.k.a. collector edition). Transformers and The Simpsons are the cover 'stories'. I think that those movies and characters are hip right now and worth for magazine covers. Let me hear what you think ok? see ya!

Monday, July 9, 2007

2007 Hot List

Last summer 2006, I posted a list of musics that was hot back then. I also thought about make another one this year.. but, since I haven't got the 'it' songs, I wanna make another list (which I prefer do anyway). Here's the list!

HOT SOUL DIVA Amy Winehouse
HOT MOVIE Transformers
HOT OBESSIONS David & Victoria Beckham
HOT BAND Maroon 5
HOT BOOK Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows
HOT ACTRESS Jessica Alba
HOT ACTOR Gerard Butler
HOT HIP-HOP Kanye West
HOT REINVENTION Christina Aguilera
HOT MODEL Agyness Deyn
HOT DOGS Jokker & Rockey

Phew! so much of the hotness. Comments are appriciated guys! thanks for dropped by!

Friday, June 29, 2007



Finally I got my blog back! This is my second comeback post (I deleted my blogspot blog because it's acting out). But still I have to start my blogging 'career' over.

Well.. I still have nothing to serve.. I just wanna share some photos and just to feel the need to blog! Anyway, the virtual world's no good without my posts! (just kidding)

On the top of the blog, there's my favorite human's best friends! Say Hello to Jokker & Rockey! Rocky's my new pup (he's Pembroke Welsh Corgi and Joker's a pom. Sorta. U know him already). They're cute so far.

So.. see you next time folks!