Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Tension is High!

OmG. I stressed myself out. I was slept overtime in the day which resulted me exhausted and can't sleep at night (by the time I post this, it's 5:23 am). Anyway, I got both nervous and excitement all at once. Today, I got TOEFL Test app. at 4 pm which is a very important requirement in order to be accepted and second one is my sis bday which is today! (Sept. 12)

Ok, the most exciting this is I'm gonna fly off to Spore in a day (I go to Spore on Sept 13). Im looking forward to it and It's just exciting to be honest and who doesn't love holiday?? hehe

Anyway, I wanna show you this month's 'magazine cover' of MIXER. Maroon 5 is the cover star! Thanks to their latest hit "Makes Me Wonder" and their album It Won't Be Soon Before Long. Enjoy!

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