Friday, May 30, 2008

D&G Pre Fall 08

Look at those hotness!
For me, those campaign ads for D&G remind me of Gossip Girl (TV series). I'd say, The Haute Couture Gossip Girl.

(source: designscene.blogspot)

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My Neck is F'd Up

Yep. F#@%! Kayaknya ga berlebihan de, karena gw dari kemaren ampe skrg sakit leher parah.
Gw ngga bisa nengok kiri, kana, atas bawah atau nunduk, plus! ga bisa juga yang namanya masak, tidur, duduk, snderan, mandi sikat gigi, tanpa merasakan nyeri otot di leher. Ga bisa ngapa2in de pokoknya.

Aneh kan? masalahnya salah tidur karena salah posisi bantal tapi gw ga perna ngalamin skit leher selama ini (mana lagi gw banyak history ttg penyakit aneh: jamur di kaki lah, ini lah.. etc). Sakit leher ini juga ga bisa gw jelasin. Bingung.


Monday, May 26, 2008

Back To Boston

It's good to be back. After a week or so vacay in New Jersey, I get back to my regular life. New Jersey is cool (Highland Park & New Brunswick), but Boston rocks more (LOL). I miss the hangouts there, the bubble tea and the green tea ice cream. It was a blast. I think I might go back there in July.

I've been eating so much that I become out of shape again. So, starting tomorrow, I have to get back on the diet! (I wish I could stay in it). O yeah, today's weather is reallly hot. It's 80F (or 26C) and stupidly, I wore a hoodie. I sweat like a pig. I thought the weather would be changing (Last weekend, it was soooo damn cold, my lips and skin were very dry) but alas, it's not.

I also went out to get a juice (Tropicana Pure, Peach-Mango-Papaya is sooo good and summery), sushi and salads (for lunch) and a pack of frozen chicken (this one is for my cheat day.. or not). But it was Memorial Day and the train was so crowded. I hate crowds. Then when I got back to my apt, the internet was acting up. Urgh.

Ok then.. this entry kinda all over the place, so I beg ur pardon. Before I'm out, I wanna recommend you some of my favorite tunes!

David Cook - "Always Be My Baby" (I just can't get it out of my head)
David Archuleta - "Longer" (It's so obvious that I'm into these two Idols)
Duffy - "Mercy" & "Warwick Avenue" (She sounds like Amy Winehouse not on crack)
Mariah Carey - "Bye Bye" (Nice tune and Mariah's voice at its best)
Jesse McCartney - "Bleeding Love" (I never been a fan, but his version is good. He's the writer. ps: we used to laugh at Justin Timberlake)

Friday, May 23, 2008

What's Cookin'?

So glad that David Cook won the Idol crown. He deserves it. Although David Archuleta has charming voice and look (plus charming personality), he still green to be an idol. Actually I put them records into my own test. While I was on my way to New York, I listened to both Davids' Mariah Carey week songs. I listened to Cook's "Always Be My Baby". His rendition is the best ever. I've never been a big fan of idol until this song came out. He took Mariah's classic song into a whole new level. I'm so impressed with his deep raspy voice (a la Daughtry). Overall he gave it a really cool twist on the song. Then, I listened to Archuleta's rendition of "When You Believe". He gave me chills the entire time of the song. His voice is pure, classic and innocent. But comparing these two, is kinda hard. Because each Davis has his own uniqueness. Anyway, these Davids are my favorite of the season.

Ok then, enough on the idol, let's get back to life. Food life that is. Yesterday I went to Qdoba, a Mexican restaurant. As I mentioned before, I'm having an affair with buritto. I just can't help it. Anyway, the buritto there was superb. The restaurant is similar to Chipotle, but unlike Chipotle, Qdoba offers more traditional atmosphere. Then, we went to a little gourmet shop near downtown. We both picked a slice of cake; Rani picked prada chocolate cake and I, golden canolli cake. Despite the fancy names, it doesn't taste as fancy as it sounds. The cake looks good though. But before we headed home, Rani picked a pint of Ciao Bella green tea gelato with white chocolate chunks. It tastes delish! Yesterday we had great foods overall and those restaurants are in New Jersey! (I haven't get a chance to go back to NY)

That's my culinary journey so far. Be sure to check it out next time.
Au revoir

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


I really put a serious thoughts of what I would eat lately. No, not the healthy diet foods or whatever (which is sooo sad in a way), but it's about my cravings. Since last month, I became a fan of Mexican food (esp. Buritto). I totally still craving the food. I also crazy about Pad Thai (here in New Jersey), served with turnip cake. So Good. The foods are so fabulous, I decided to spend the last three days in New Jersey with Rani. I supposedly visiting New York, but I wanna explore the foods here. I also tried candy corn for the first time, Carvel ice cream shake and more. The foods makes me stay.

I wanna share some review my favorite tunes for the last couple of days.

I highly recommend you to listen to Jason Mraz's last record, We Sing, We Dance, We Steal Things. It's so good; the music is combination of big band, acoustic and soul. One of the songs, It sounds like orchestra met casual acoustic. I don't know the right term but it sounds beautiful. Download: "Make It Mine", "A Beautiful Mess", "I'm Yours" & "Lucky"

I also listened to several albums, like Mariah's E=MC2, Madonna's Hard Candy and Usher's Here I Stand.
Those albums really stand out for me in 2008. Be sure check 'em out.

See ya on the next entry.
Bye guys.. D

Monday, May 19, 2008

Foods Of Big Apple

Yesterday we (me & Rani) went to NYC to spend the day. We went for a culinary trip yesterday. It was so fulfilling literally.

The first thing after we touched down (from the bumpy NJ Transit trip), we headed to Thai restaurant food. We ordered pad thai (shrimp for me, veggie for her). The name of the restaurant is Bangkok House. The place is kind of small eatery and it was cozy. I loved it. Then, after that we went on to 58th St. 9th Ave to found this miles long of festival. I think it was a big food bazaar. I ended up bought a monstrous turkey leg, fried OREOs (yep, that OREO cookies) and candy grapes (instead of candy apple). I couldn't help it but wanted more although I was terribly full. Then we went to Century 21 for an impromptu shopping sprees (ha, i only bought a shirt and rani bought a cool fedora). To end the night, we went to Lime Jungle restaurant for burittos. I officially the big fan of buritto.

Ok.. so that's my culinary trip for a day. I'll keep u posted! aite?? Byeee

Friday, May 16, 2008

Hard Time

Today, is not a great day for me. It started with a chat with Mom.. discussing about apartment, and stuffs, led to a little conversation with my sister and she said something that kinda irritated me. Before I knew it, I flipped out. I went online to chat with my Mom.. and all of a sudden, this burst of emotion (anger) threw out of my mind. I was upset of her bla bla.. I always held back my feelings bla bla.. and so on.

Then, all things went downhill soon after. I felt so guilty to my sister and mom because of my reaction and I just broke down. Perhaps it's the emotions that I've been holding inside for 5 months. I felt stupid and relentless towards my sister and sometimes my mom. I haven't been this emotional since I came here to Boston. I'm still a little bit overwhelmed with this whole situation of being here, by myself, away from my loved ones. I felt so wrong.

Despite that I'm happy and try to be relatable to others, I actually don't know who I am. It's hard. I've always have a low self esteem. It's not easy to admit it (especially, in a journal like this), but I decided to open myself more and try to accept myself, while I'm working on my attitude and confidence. I don't wanna make people feel sorry for me or anything, but the intention of writing this post is just to let my feelings out, so I could feel better.

It's really hard for me to be cheer-y right now but, hope u guys have a good day!
see ya

Thursday, May 15, 2008

I Dream Of Top Models

I had such a weird dreams recently. I dreamt about Indonesian ghosts, unfortunate events in college and a very recent one, top models. I dreamt about two top models that I really fond of nowadays; Raquel Zimmermann and Caroline Trentini, respectively. (See the picture above!). In my dream, I was playing tennis against them. They're in full editorial make up and clothes. Then, moved to my old house, when I found both of em were in my sister's closet chewing on gums and playing with it. I know, it's confusing. LOL.

O yeah, I just found out the winner of America's Next Top Model Cycle 10! the full figured model, Whitney! She's the first plus-size model to win the title in history of the show. That's quite an accomplishment. I always like her since the beginning, but I think I prefer Anya to win the competition. But overall, this cycle is the best so far. This cycle gave us varieties of look that interesting and also, the photoshoots! (some of em were borrowed the ideas, straight from VOGUE). Here's the photo of the three finalists: (from left to right) Fatima, Whitney and Anya.

What do you guys think? Is Whitney deserves to win?

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Do I Feel Lucky?

I guess the answer is absolutely yes. I would be such a big time moron if I think I'm not. I know that there's only few people in Indonesia who could afford education overseas, especially education in a place that 20,000 miles away from Indonesia (USA and Europe). And also, I'm blessed that I have wonderful life, families, friends.. and yes, including my dogs! So, I consider myself lucky.

Speaking of luck, yesterday, I experienced the mother of misfortune in college life: missed a FINAL exam. That was sick! The test begun at 11 AM, but I fell asleep too long. I woke up at 1 PM. It was disastrous. I thought that my world fell apart. I remember saw the notes on the syllabus that says 'no make-up for final exam'. It was so bothered me because I was this close to my relaxing summer holiday. But here's the luck part. I sent my professor that I felt sorry bla bla bla, I was sick so I took pills.. and It made me sleepy and dizzy bla bla bla, even I know it was a bull. I called my advisor and I also rushed to my college. But I felt extremely relieved when I saw the email reply from the professor that I will do the test today via email. What a luck!

I felt bad though, because I fell asleep and didn't hear any alarms. But I thank God for the fact that I could still do the exam. I redeem myself! :D

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Sunday Morning

This past weekend has been very weird. I slept too much, that I'm getting confused between dreams or reality. Perhaps, parts of my brain cells were damaged while I was sleeping or whatnot.

I just couldn't sleep since I woke up at 9 p.m.. Right now, it's 6:48 a.m.

There's things i should've done since last wednesday: Clean up the room, Gym and study. But alas, I'm sooo lazy. I just can't overcome the laziness. And now, instead of do those things, I'm writing my heart out in this blog and watching Ellen Show in Youtube.

I addicted to this game, in Facebook, called Word Challenge. It's so addictive that I was surprised myself that I was playing the game for 5 hrs straight! It's weird.. sigh

What else. O yeah, I'm so excited for my brother's SMA yearbook and my sis' SMP yearbook. I just want to see the final results. I did a bit of work on my sis', so i kinda excited. But mostly, I'm super excited for my bro's. I haven't seen any of his works yet and all I know the theme this year is futuristic, avant garde editorial and surrealist. I love it. Actually, I talked to them all , yesterday via Skype, we talked alot about the yearbook. One word: Snake. yep, I thought my photo yearbook (with Angel, Jay and Cyn) with the dog is quite made buzz, wait until my brother's yearbook comes out. Miss them much tho.

Let this Sunday be nice and summery.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Results of Sleep Deprivation

Is this post.

Up to this point, there maybe 3 or 4 posts about my problem in sleeping. Yes, I don't know why I couldn't get any sleep or manage to sleep right. And also, I don't know is this some kind of disorder or is it me that wasn't try hard enough. Anyway..

I got this idea about star signs. I kinda researched about people who are defined by Star signs. It's kinda hard to explain but, what I mean is that I believe that Star signs, affect the character of a person. I wanna talk about star signs that very close to me, family's. Let's start with.. Leo

Actually, I was thinking about Leo for a while; the characters of it and the Leo people. Madonna, Jennifer Lopez and Halle Berry are Leo, to name a few. They're very powerful and driven (especially that chick named Madonna). I noticed that Leo is very stubborn, either in good way or bad. They're also charismatic and people will always take notice. They somehow can become the leader in a group or be the one who really stand out and also, not afraid to take chances. That's why Leos pretty much successful in life. My dad's a Leo.. and Cynthia (miss ya).

Then.. Taurus. My mom is a Taurus. Taurus is also stubborn and they have strong will. They always want to know things, like how it works. Taurus seems always want to find a way out of problems. They will keep figuring out the solutions or stuff. Despite they strong characters, Taurus can also be very kind and maternal towards people. They know how to treat people, in manner. They also a deep thinker. They always think first before doing things. I also get the sense that, Taurus people are very nice.. but once u make them mad, u're finished. In short, don't mess with them (Jk). My Mom is Taurus.. and so do Rani, Derren (my cousin) and as for celebrities, Uma Thurman, Cher, Queen Elizabeth II, Audrey Hepburn and more.

Last one.. mine, Gemini. Who doesn't love a Gemini? hahaha. Here's what i got: Geminis are have a great taste, somewhat perfectionist and.. creative. I don't mean to be cocky, but it is. We can make things up out of no where, wether intended or in certain circumstances like under pressure thingy or whatnot. I also think that we can act the part, means that we can be very versatile.. we can get along with a lot of different people (although i only got few friends). We can create topics, thanks to our versatility and broad knowledges (actually it's more about my friends than me LOL). O yea, i share a birthday with Wentworth Miller! :D Also, I know some Geminis.. they are Ingrid, TJ and Angela. Gemini rox hard.

I didn't mention my sib's signs (Cancer, Virgo) cuz.. i don't know much and besides.. If i put it it'll sounds fake and this post would be loooong as krazy.

LOL. I kinda bit kukkoo this morning.. I need to lie down.
See ya in bits.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Pretty Amazing

Today is my last class which means that Final Exams is all i have to do. Yay. I feel pretty confident, nervous but also excited. What makes me excited is that I will be free for 3 months! I can't imagine that really.

By the way.. I feel so happy and shits today. In my last fundamental of apparel design class, i felt so good that my artwork getting recognized by my peers and also my professor. They're really nice.. and they're compliments were sweet, they made me blushing so bad. Thanks guys..

Well, bad things do happen all the time. Today, i felt sooo sick i don't know why.. I felt like wanna puke. Blurgh. And also there's a friend here that i felt she's different to me nowadays.. i don't know why.. it's like i make something bad. Anyway.. to make things worse (even though these are necesseries), I gotta go to gym, pay the rent and also, clean up my room. It's about time.

But, still.. today is amazing! Loves it!

Hope u guys have a great one too. I'm out! (D)

Saturday, May 3, 2008


Hello everyone! I wanna make a post in Indonesian starting right.. now. OK.. gw mau bikin post dengan bahasa Indo juga (nyontek TJ) dan kebetulan ud lama banget pengen post pake bahasa Indo (sejak jaman blogging dr FS taon 2006-07) =p.

Anyway, hari ini hari ke-3 bulan May, dan masih saja dingin. Ngeselin abis.. hari ini mo pergi2 jadi males rasanya. But i'm gonna go to Shaw's to pick some DVDs, that for sure.

Gw pengen ngomongin tentang Inspirasi. Hidup gw blakangan ini berjalan dengan bantuan kluarga (baik finansial atau emosional), support dari orang2 terdekat.. dan juga inspirasi. Inspirasi main peranan besar dalam hidup gw.

First off, diet. Gw jujur2 aja dulu gw sempet overweight dan sempet juga turun berat badan (skrg gembul lagi). Dulu gw terinspirasi oleh (o God), Jessica Simpson (jamannya Dukes of Hazzard) ama Madonna. Gw bner2 takjub dengan mereka karena, selain mereka cewe, mrk commit banget dengan diet program mereka. Dulu gw ikutin south beach diet ala jessica dan cara makan madonna (kunya 18 kali, makan brown rice dan ikan dll). Dan akhirnya gw turun 20kg. Namun apa daya balik lagi (stenga dr yang gw ilangin). Skrg, gw trinspirasi Mariah Carey ama blogger Perez Hilton. Gw pgn kembali kyk dulu, feel good dan ada sikit muscle. Pokoknya sukses dalam berdiet de.

Trus juga inspirasi untuk blogging. Ini diawalin dgn liat blog2 temen2 .. gw jadi ikut2an kepengen blogging. Selain krn pengen, gw juga mau expresikan diri visually. Gw kalo diperatiin jarang blog, tpi layout gw sering brubah. Gw dmen ganti2 layout. Trus juga dalam penulisan dalam bahasa Inggris. Gw dmen dgn Inggris (walaupun grammar gw jelek) dan ga jarang gw suka perhatiin orang2 asia (kususnya indo) yang pandai inggris. Mereka memotivasi dan menginspire gw untuk belajar Inggris more.

Inspirasi juga dateng buat design2 gw. Celeb, trends banyak inspired design gw. Tapi paling menginspirasi gw itu lagu2nya Madonna di Hard Candy. Gw mentranslate albumnya jadi koleksi design gw yang color schemenya ga jauh2 dari pink, black and white. Dan selama membuat project boardnya, gw dengerin lagu2nya setiap hari. (I'll post the picture soon)

Trus inspirasi juga ga jauh dari tempat tinggal gw. Memasuki spring, Boston Park (yang ada di sebrang apt gw), looks super beautiful. Kembang2 (jadul bgt ni bahasa), bertebaran.. warna warni.. bagus bgt. Tiap pagi ke skolah lewatin taman itu, dan bikin gw seger aja.. dan happy. I don't know why.. but It made me feel good.

Teman2 gw di Indo ga jarang menginspiring gw. Hardworking friends, the Over-achievers.. the fabulous Ones. I won't name names, but U guys will notice who. Pokoknya mereka menginspirasi gw banget de.

Trakhir, my family. Keluarga gw more or less inspiring bwt gw. Jelek bagusnya mereka buat gw adalah hal-hal yang menarik buat gw untuk dipikir and diambil inspirasi. Memotivasi. Gw ga mo sebutin apa, tapi mereka kalo baca pasti tau de apa. I'm so proud of them. Terakhir.. anjing2 gw; Jokker Rockey. Mereka bisa bikin gw nangis kalo ada hal buruk terjadi pd mrk. Dua anjing itu juga menginspire gw untuk peduli anti kekerasan pada binatang khususnya anjing. Mrk juga yang bisa bikin walls around me crumbled and makes me feel so much sensitive as a person.

I have one more inspiration that has influence me. Xtina. She's the best!

So there you have it.. My inspirations so far. I hope that this post can inspire you in anyway..
Thank you and Good Nite!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

2 Weeks To Freedom

I Simply can't wait for the summer vacay. I wanna meet friends and hang out wit em so much, i decided to make a new post. Haha. I wanna go visit friends in Seattle, or Canada, or NJ (YES, im talking about Nath, TJ and Rani). I just wanna hang out and talk with old friends, who are living around the US.

ok.. Today, i just presented my fashion assignment which I'm so excited about. The Final project which consists of several designs that I've already posted in Flickr. (Check it on I honestly didn't present it well, due to my lack of confidence and English skill, but my professor said that the storyboard was professional looking. I was honored :p.

O yea, i also met this old lady with two Corgis! (one is 15 yo and the other is 7). She was a nice lady. I approached her and talked to her about how cute her dogs are and blabla.. and i also have one in indonesia he just turn 1 blabla and so on. But we ended up talking more from how we agreed that dogs are the most caring and lovable animal on earth, to this recent news about a father (i believe in Austria) who kept his daughter prisoner for 24 frickin years!. She was 18 when she was taken to the basement and now she's 42. He had sex with his own daughter and produced 8 kids! 8 KIDS for Christ sake. They 're technically his child but.. they can be his grandkids, or wtv. I mean, that just plain wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong.

Anyway.. I feel that my burden slowly decreasing..and i began to think about how i'm gonna spend this summer with interesting activities and what not. But let that become my sweet problems.

and one more thing. I'm sick of Jubilee School that grading students based on their personal feelings, not on the student's credibility or works. That's fucking non-sense. Grow up you grown up people. It's 2008 not 1978.

Alright.. I'm gonna sleep now. So tired. Thanks for visiting. A comment won't hurt