Sunday, May 11, 2008

Sunday Morning

This past weekend has been very weird. I slept too much, that I'm getting confused between dreams or reality. Perhaps, parts of my brain cells were damaged while I was sleeping or whatnot.

I just couldn't sleep since I woke up at 9 p.m.. Right now, it's 6:48 a.m.

There's things i should've done since last wednesday: Clean up the room, Gym and study. But alas, I'm sooo lazy. I just can't overcome the laziness. And now, instead of do those things, I'm writing my heart out in this blog and watching Ellen Show in Youtube.

I addicted to this game, in Facebook, called Word Challenge. It's so addictive that I was surprised myself that I was playing the game for 5 hrs straight! It's weird.. sigh

What else. O yeah, I'm so excited for my brother's SMA yearbook and my sis' SMP yearbook. I just want to see the final results. I did a bit of work on my sis', so i kinda excited. But mostly, I'm super excited for my bro's. I haven't seen any of his works yet and all I know the theme this year is futuristic, avant garde editorial and surrealist. I love it. Actually, I talked to them all , yesterday via Skype, we talked alot about the yearbook. One word: Snake. yep, I thought my photo yearbook (with Angel, Jay and Cyn) with the dog is quite made buzz, wait until my brother's yearbook comes out. Miss them much tho.

Let this Sunday be nice and summery.


Steph said...

gila min! i played the word challenge baru juga bbrp game udah puyeng ahaha. kok score lo tinggi amat sih! sampe hapal ya maen 5 jam ? hahaa

Damien said...

ketauan deh.. hahah iya nie je.. kekiiin gamenya kadang tpi bikin penasaran.. LOls