Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Do I Feel Lucky?

I guess the answer is absolutely yes. I would be such a big time moron if I think I'm not. I know that there's only few people in Indonesia who could afford education overseas, especially education in a place that 20,000 miles away from Indonesia (USA and Europe). And also, I'm blessed that I have wonderful life, families, friends.. and yes, including my dogs! So, I consider myself lucky.

Speaking of luck, yesterday, I experienced the mother of misfortune in college life: missed a FINAL exam. That was sick! The test begun at 11 AM, but I fell asleep too long. I woke up at 1 PM. It was disastrous. I thought that my world fell apart. I remember saw the notes on the syllabus that says 'no make-up for final exam'. It was so bothered me because I was this close to my relaxing summer holiday. But here's the luck part. I sent my professor that I felt sorry bla bla bla, I was sick so I took pills.. and It made me sleepy and dizzy bla bla bla, even I know it was a bull. I called my advisor and I also rushed to my college. But I felt extremely relieved when I saw the email reply from the professor that I will do the test today via email. What a luck!

I felt bad though, because I fell asleep and didn't hear any alarms. But I thank God for the fact that I could still do the exam. I redeem myself! :D

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R Tjugito said...

Great! if you feel lucky enough!