Monday, May 26, 2008

Back To Boston

It's good to be back. After a week or so vacay in New Jersey, I get back to my regular life. New Jersey is cool (Highland Park & New Brunswick), but Boston rocks more (LOL). I miss the hangouts there, the bubble tea and the green tea ice cream. It was a blast. I think I might go back there in July.

I've been eating so much that I become out of shape again. So, starting tomorrow, I have to get back on the diet! (I wish I could stay in it). O yeah, today's weather is reallly hot. It's 80F (or 26C) and stupidly, I wore a hoodie. I sweat like a pig. I thought the weather would be changing (Last weekend, it was soooo damn cold, my lips and skin were very dry) but alas, it's not.

I also went out to get a juice (Tropicana Pure, Peach-Mango-Papaya is sooo good and summery), sushi and salads (for lunch) and a pack of frozen chicken (this one is for my cheat day.. or not). But it was Memorial Day and the train was so crowded. I hate crowds. Then when I got back to my apt, the internet was acting up. Urgh.

Ok then.. this entry kinda all over the place, so I beg ur pardon. Before I'm out, I wanna recommend you some of my favorite tunes!

David Cook - "Always Be My Baby" (I just can't get it out of my head)
David Archuleta - "Longer" (It's so obvious that I'm into these two Idols)
Duffy - "Mercy" & "Warwick Avenue" (She sounds like Amy Winehouse not on crack)
Mariah Carey - "Bye Bye" (Nice tune and Mariah's voice at its best)
Jesse McCartney - "Bleeding Love" (I never been a fan, but his version is good. He's the writer. ps: we used to laugh at Justin Timberlake)

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Steph said...

I'm craving for sushi! Hehehe. Food is never wrong...