Thursday, May 15, 2008

I Dream Of Top Models

I had such a weird dreams recently. I dreamt about Indonesian ghosts, unfortunate events in college and a very recent one, top models. I dreamt about two top models that I really fond of nowadays; Raquel Zimmermann and Caroline Trentini, respectively. (See the picture above!). In my dream, I was playing tennis against them. They're in full editorial make up and clothes. Then, moved to my old house, when I found both of em were in my sister's closet chewing on gums and playing with it. I know, it's confusing. LOL.

O yeah, I just found out the winner of America's Next Top Model Cycle 10! the full figured model, Whitney! She's the first plus-size model to win the title in history of the show. That's quite an accomplishment. I always like her since the beginning, but I think I prefer Anya to win the competition. But overall, this cycle is the best so far. This cycle gave us varieties of look that interesting and also, the photoshoots! (some of em were borrowed the ideas, straight from VOGUE). Here's the photo of the three finalists: (from left to right) Fatima, Whitney and Anya.

What do you guys think? Is Whitney deserves to win?


Steph said...

gue blom nonton antm, yaa ketauan deh winnernya hahaha. :p:p duh model tuh banyak banget ya sampe gw gatau nama2 ini itu kecuali yg udah commercialized/publicized bgt. .kamu gaul damien! hehe

Anonymous said...

itu sengaja kali dimenangin yg plus size biar nambah rating...c dah nga perna ikutin lagi si, jd dah nga ngerti..hehehe :p

virginia cherry said...

eh itu yg anonymous tuh ceri, c nga ngerti masukin identity nya =.=

Damien said...

thanks tj, bisa saja kau LOL..
iY CHE, kk pertama pikir Whitney menang buat publicity.. but who cares la.