Friday, May 23, 2008

What's Cookin'?

So glad that David Cook won the Idol crown. He deserves it. Although David Archuleta has charming voice and look (plus charming personality), he still green to be an idol. Actually I put them records into my own test. While I was on my way to New York, I listened to both Davids' Mariah Carey week songs. I listened to Cook's "Always Be My Baby". His rendition is the best ever. I've never been a big fan of idol until this song came out. He took Mariah's classic song into a whole new level. I'm so impressed with his deep raspy voice (a la Daughtry). Overall he gave it a really cool twist on the song. Then, I listened to Archuleta's rendition of "When You Believe". He gave me chills the entire time of the song. His voice is pure, classic and innocent. But comparing these two, is kinda hard. Because each Davis has his own uniqueness. Anyway, these Davids are my favorite of the season.

Ok then, enough on the idol, let's get back to life. Food life that is. Yesterday I went to Qdoba, a Mexican restaurant. As I mentioned before, I'm having an affair with buritto. I just can't help it. Anyway, the buritto there was superb. The restaurant is similar to Chipotle, but unlike Chipotle, Qdoba offers more traditional atmosphere. Then, we went to a little gourmet shop near downtown. We both picked a slice of cake; Rani picked prada chocolate cake and I, golden canolli cake. Despite the fancy names, it doesn't taste as fancy as it sounds. The cake looks good though. But before we headed home, Rani picked a pint of Ciao Bella green tea gelato with white chocolate chunks. It tastes delish! Yesterday we had great foods overall and those restaurants are in New Jersey! (I haven't get a chance to go back to NY)

That's my culinary journey so far. Be sure to check it out next time.
Au revoir


Steph said...

your culinary trip sounds awesome! jadi lo sekarang dimana mien? oh it's getting hot here.. jadi pgn eskrim, the green tea one u described sounds delishhh

Damien said...

i know right? hahaha..
Gw wktu itu ke NJ aj.. skrg ud balik boston nie.. hwhw..

AiDee said...

life seems fun there, all our faves! a wee bit of shopping + makan + tidur kya kebo.. hahhahah