Saturday, September 27, 2008

MIXER 2008

MIXER is back!

yep, my fake magazine cover arts. I've been doing this magazine cover arts since 2002! and as u can see, My last post about MIXER was in December 2007 (Amy Winehouse issue).

And, it's been nine months without MIXER magazine post. So! I'll just post 10 art covers from January to October. I put Kanye, Madonna, Mariah and even Britney on the cover. So.. enjoy!!

The latest issue is the October issue, featuring Zac Efron for the Hollywood Issue.

Aite, I'm out!
See ya

Divas Showdown

Last Thursday was hectic. Won't spill a bean but it was hell.
Been through dat. so that's it.

This afternoon, I ate sushi for lunch and took a looong nap after that. I loved it! I've been craving sushi since last week. I don't know why but I think I'm addicted to it. Too much i guess.

I just felt that I need to blog a new post. Just for a sake of it. I like my blog to be constantly updated.
Let's start it with what happened to me today.

Britney's new single "Womanizer" was released today on the radio. It's a regular dance pop track. It's okay, but it is a big deal, after what Britney been through. So, I'm supporting Britney now: Buy the album on December 2! When I heard the single, I thought it's similar to other songs out there right now. I like the fact that I can feel Britney engaged to this song (unlike the Blackout's songs, although they're nice). I heard the choreography will be hot. Just wait and see.

Talking about Britney, Christina also premiered a new track earlier this month. "Keeps Gettin' Better" is also the title for her Greatest Hits album due this November. Battle of the former pop princesses, awesome. Btw, Beyonce will also releasing a new album this year. So much goin' on!

Btw, I'm a bit overwhelmed with my own life. I gotta get it together.

Peace out

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I Got My Sidekick

Well.. technically, It was from the insurance company and I also paid a certain amount of money. But still, it's back! All I need to do is to revive my T-Mobile acc and activate the phone. Hopefully by the end of today, I'll get it right! Awesome.

Speaking of gadget, my U2 iPod got f-%&ed up. I'm tired. I'll take it to apple store someday this week. Next week. Wtv. Cuz I'm still enjoying my video ipod. LOL.

Btw, today's really a cold one. I got headache, running nose.. I'm a wreck right now. I just don't wanna deal with schools, just wanna sleep and chat (on the internet. ha)Gosh.. so many hours to kill.

Ok.. I'm out.

update: My phone is back and working!! o yeah

Friday, September 19, 2008

Not Happy

I missed another 2 classes this week, unconsciously. Dammit.
I worked hard for these two classes' assignments only to find that I missed the classes.
I'm pissed off. Big time. at myself. Not happy.
I can't believe myself. I already skipped English 4 times in just 2 weeks! I wonder why the class starts so early at 8 am!!? I hate it.
I don't know. It's too late now. I hope I can regain my composure and clean out the mess.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Today's Quickie

I skipped two classes today! the f-ckin english 101 and pattern making class. I was sooo ill, I couldn't get up. But after some extra sleeps. I'm good. Lucky for me, I'm done with the sewing things.. and boy, sewing mechine is the hardest thing to control. Period.

At 12.50, I went to a convocation today at college.
It was about feminism.. gays and lesbians.. and racism by the biracial lesbian woman (she's half jamaican half chinese). Tough topics but funny speaker. So I enjoyed it.

I also ate southern foods from the cafeteria while attended the convocation. Quite nice. would go back for more!

After I wrote this blog, I'd be at the drawing class (which is likea therapy class to me). What makes me bummed is that my ipod is acting up. Fuckin 4th generation.
perdon me language..

have a nice one

ps: last night's TOP MODEL Makeover was a big dissapointment. Whatevs.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Bathroom's Thoughts

If you read this post, it means that you read my ideas that came out when I was sitting on a toilet.
Don't be grossed out first. Um, well..

Yea. I just started thinking to make a new post after a while. It's been a week after my phone got technically stolen. Cuz, it's actually there but it was handed out to the wrong (evil) person. So. it's still on progress to claim the new one (I got insurance tho. But not really sure how it works to b honest).

Boston getting colder nowadays. I kinda miss my holidays really. The cold temp kinda indicates that the holidays are officially OVER. I don't mean that I hate school, but I just not feeling it at this time. I felt like.. I was worn out. To exhausted. I don't know why. I felt sad nowadays. I miss my lonely days. I could be myself, whatever I want, Whenever I want it.

I also kinda have a bit situation here. After 8 months being alone.. my problem is Sharing. Yea. Sharing things.. second opinions.. second thoughts. I just not use to that. I need to work on that as long as the opposite respects me. That's all I want. I don't want the I-do-it-better act or.. wtv. I just want a friend. Not parents. Two is enough.

Homeworks, hate em. Hate em, Hate em, Hate em.
I hate morning classes so bad, I just wanna curl up and die. On bed.

Aite. That's it for the day. I'll see u guys later

Monday, September 8, 2008

Keeps Getting Better

I'm not talking about my phone situation tho (although it's kinda going that direction). I'm talking about Christina Aguilera's new single!! LOVES it!!! haha. It's so futuristic! (Christina performed at 2008 VMAs earlier today!). Love the performance! She performed a new rendition of 'Genie In the Bottle' (think Eurythmics mix with Lady Gaga) and the new single, 'Keeps Gettin' Better' (think Kylie Minogue + Lady Gaga, again). Overall, this year's VMA is overwhelming! Christina, Rihanna, Britney's officially comeback too! :D

Awesome night!

While I'm watching VMA reruns, I'm still wondering about tomorrow; about the phone insurance, homeworks, everything. I'm friggin overwhelmed already. And I also have to be in bed, very right now!

See ya'll

Saturday, September 6, 2008

I Lost My Sidekick


Today was a bad day, I sensed it!

This morning, I was late.. forgot the homework! The books aren't arrived yet.. School sucks
Then! Went to the bank.. and I stopped by Urban Outfitters. And I left my phone there. Now, Some random dude found it.. but ada orang hitam yang claim cellphonenya. He's gonna die soon!


Monday, September 1, 2008

Last Touch Up

I just realize that holiday is (almost) over. Starting Sept 2nd, Im officially a fashion design student. It's crazy how fast 3 months could gone. Reality is definitely kicks in. I actually hate the fact that soon I gotta be busy, although I need those business. I just love being in the holiday mood.

Btw, i'm writing this post from my new iPod touch!! So excited. Deff a dream come true. Oo and the best part is, I got this 4 free. Mom wanted to get a new MacBook air at the apple store and there's a special offer 4 students to get an iPod for free with mac computer purchases. So mom used my student ID and the rest is history.

I'm so excited that in the past 2 days, a lot of good things happen: my bro's yearbook is back on progress mode, mom cut my hair and cooked the best foods (actually she's been cooking throughout this august), and my sis got two gladiator sandals. Fierceness.

Ok I think I'm done wit the updates. Until then, I just updated the banner for my blog. I'd like to hear of from y'all