Saturday, September 13, 2008

Bathroom's Thoughts

If you read this post, it means that you read my ideas that came out when I was sitting on a toilet.
Don't be grossed out first. Um, well..

Yea. I just started thinking to make a new post after a while. It's been a week after my phone got technically stolen. Cuz, it's actually there but it was handed out to the wrong (evil) person. So. it's still on progress to claim the new one (I got insurance tho. But not really sure how it works to b honest).

Boston getting colder nowadays. I kinda miss my holidays really. The cold temp kinda indicates that the holidays are officially OVER. I don't mean that I hate school, but I just not feeling it at this time. I felt like.. I was worn out. To exhausted. I don't know why. I felt sad nowadays. I miss my lonely days. I could be myself, whatever I want, Whenever I want it.

I also kinda have a bit situation here. After 8 months being alone.. my problem is Sharing. Yea. Sharing things.. second opinions.. second thoughts. I just not use to that. I need to work on that as long as the opposite respects me. That's all I want. I don't want the I-do-it-better act or.. wtv. I just want a friend. Not parents. Two is enough.

Homeworks, hate em. Hate em, Hate em, Hate em.
I hate morning classes so bad, I just wanna curl up and die. On bed.

Aite. That's it for the day. I'll see u guys later


aidee said...

sorry about your phone, it was unfortunate.. i sorta lost my esia phone too the other mid of the night, there was a burglar in my other office. almost took over my boss's macbook pro, thank God someone saw him in time to retrieve all the important office data but lost 2 mobiles (he hid them in his pockets. good enough i didn't lose my new nokie.. :p

btw, i'm sorry i didn't answer what canvassing was all about. my boss was at my table then, sorry! :p
canvassing is a term we use after a year's operation and project runs. november's the month we're doing the expo!

hey, mall of indonesia (near makro gading) is open! not much open there except for blitzmegaplex cinemas, it was ok though..

hopes to chat with you again soon, i hope.. i miss blogging..

Damien said...

thanks for ur comment

my phone was a lil bit lost and stolen. actually my fault tho. It was dumb. LOL.

Actually i wanna see ur phone! :D

see ya soon