Monday, September 1, 2008

Last Touch Up

I just realize that holiday is (almost) over. Starting Sept 2nd, Im officially a fashion design student. It's crazy how fast 3 months could gone. Reality is definitely kicks in. I actually hate the fact that soon I gotta be busy, although I need those business. I just love being in the holiday mood.

Btw, i'm writing this post from my new iPod touch!! So excited. Deff a dream come true. Oo and the best part is, I got this 4 free. Mom wanted to get a new MacBook air at the apple store and there's a special offer 4 students to get an iPod for free with mac computer purchases. So mom used my student ID and the rest is history.

I'm so excited that in the past 2 days, a lot of good things happen: my bro's yearbook is back on progress mode, mom cut my hair and cooked the best foods (actually she's been cooking throughout this august), and my sis got two gladiator sandals. Fierceness.

Ok I think I'm done wit the updates. Until then, I just updated the banner for my blog. I'd like to hear of from y'all


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