Thursday, September 18, 2008

Today's Quickie

I skipped two classes today! the f-ckin english 101 and pattern making class. I was sooo ill, I couldn't get up. But after some extra sleeps. I'm good. Lucky for me, I'm done with the sewing things.. and boy, sewing mechine is the hardest thing to control. Period.

At 12.50, I went to a convocation today at college.
It was about feminism.. gays and lesbians.. and racism by the biracial lesbian woman (she's half jamaican half chinese). Tough topics but funny speaker. So I enjoyed it.

I also ate southern foods from the cafeteria while attended the convocation. Quite nice. would go back for more!

After I wrote this blog, I'd be at the drawing class (which is likea therapy class to me). What makes me bummed is that my ipod is acting up. Fuckin 4th generation.
perdon me language..

have a nice one

ps: last night's TOP MODEL Makeover was a big dissapointment. Whatevs.

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