Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I Got My Sidekick

Well.. technically, It was from the insurance company and I also paid a certain amount of money. But still, it's back! All I need to do is to revive my T-Mobile acc and activate the phone. Hopefully by the end of today, I'll get it right! Awesome.

Speaking of gadget, my U2 iPod got f-%&ed up. I'm tired. I'll take it to apple store someday this week. Next week. Wtv. Cuz I'm still enjoying my video ipod. LOL.

Btw, today's really a cold one. I got headache, running nose.. I'm a wreck right now. I just don't wanna deal with schools, just wanna sleep and chat (on the internet. ha)Gosh.. so many hours to kill.

Ok.. I'm out.

update: My phone is back and working!! o yeah

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