Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Me, So Far

Hi Guys...

I know, I take too long to post another blog. I've been super busy like, crazy busy. I'm still looking for an apartment but it's already down to two, not like yesterdays, Me and mom were so overwhelmed by it. So both apartments are in the city but one is furnished, one is not. It's super confusing, 'cause I need to compare and think about both of those apts and I need to do it quickly. The school's already started and Mom will leave in, like, 5 days. I'm studying at Fisher College and here's the photo of the school's building.

So.. I like Boston so far. I'm still living in the hotel tho, So.. it's nice. Of course. The weather is SO cold, my mom and I can stand it. We both bought anti-windchill coat, or whatever it is called and also some earmuffs cause our ears getting freezing every time we go out.

OK.. I wanna tell about my story so far. After a week in here, I felt okay tho.. not so great. Cause I need to think about everything, literally; the foods, the living cost, electric bill and other stuffs. I won't do that stuff until, next week, when I will already been living in here by myself. Also, we found some great Asian foods. I found 1 Chinese food takeout at the mall which is quite nice. Also, I found Vietnamese food in the Chinatown, which actually very nice. It's quite expensive tho, but I definitely will go back there.

Ok.. I just bought Wii game (Mama's Cooking) and a calculator that required for my study in college (I'm still amazed about the fact that I'm the college level Math!).

See ya later.. I'm so tired right now..
Bye :d

Friday, January 18, 2008

Greetings From Boston

Hello guys!

Now I'm in Boston.. It's friggin cold out here. Me and my mom were like walking frozen foods.. Just kidding.
Anyway..I just arrived last night on Thursday, 11.30PM (East time). We had 20 hours plus flight from Indonesia to New York and and hour plus more flight to Boston. We used SQ and Continental respectively.

First off We (especially Mom) really pissed off at my agent. She didn't inform or even contact us and tell about the arrangement here like where we stay, who will pick us the day after (she already told us about the airport-pickup) which is today and who should we meet. It's absolutely frustrating! But today we had arranged everything from hotel extensions, my stay here (I'm still looking forward fo the apartments even tho some people suggested me to stay in dorms), and mobile phone etc. So basically, she just did the f-ing paperworks, we did the tough jobs. Damn lady!

OK, Right now.. I'm really miss my dogs.. some families and definitely some of my friends.. And I Wish I can go back to Indonesia If everything works out here, then, we talk about visiting Indonesia. I'm still learning about the billing at the bank, phone bills and other things.. sigh, tired! tired!!!

See ya folks

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

A New Year Chronicle

Hello Guys! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Wish U all the best of luck.

First off, I got the US Visa! the student visa that is. I'm so delighted! It was a hell of a day. I woke up at 6.20 AM and I went to the embassy. After the queueing, the check ups, and all of that, I walked out of the embassy at 11 AM. I was super tired (my Mom had to stand on the sidewalks for hours. She stood there! thanks mom)

After I got the visa, I went straight to home for no. 2 and getting ready for New Year's Eve party. My family from my dad's side came to celebrate. We had sushis, BBQs and also some drinks courtesy my brother. My Mom made meatballs (bakso) and sate (pork & lamb). We all full and happy (except for some people that still on the diet.. more like sissies tho).

Anyway, I was super tired today.. slept for 10 hrs straight and getting lazy all day. Rockey also made sensation on the first day of 2008. He ate cockroach's poison. oMG! one silly Dog!
Okie dokie, I wanna go downstair to play Wii again and basically just enjoy my last 10 days in Indonesia.. and will come back in 2009. See ya peeps!