Friday, January 18, 2008

Greetings From Boston

Hello guys!

Now I'm in Boston.. It's friggin cold out here. Me and my mom were like walking frozen foods.. Just kidding.
Anyway..I just arrived last night on Thursday, 11.30PM (East time). We had 20 hours plus flight from Indonesia to New York and and hour plus more flight to Boston. We used SQ and Continental respectively.

First off We (especially Mom) really pissed off at my agent. She didn't inform or even contact us and tell about the arrangement here like where we stay, who will pick us the day after (she already told us about the airport-pickup) which is today and who should we meet. It's absolutely frustrating! But today we had arranged everything from hotel extensions, my stay here (I'm still looking forward fo the apartments even tho some people suggested me to stay in dorms), and mobile phone etc. So basically, she just did the f-ing paperworks, we did the tough jobs. Damn lady!

OK, Right now.. I'm really miss my dogs.. some families and definitely some of my friends.. And I Wish I can go back to Indonesia If everything works out here, then, we talk about visiting Indonesia. I'm still learning about the billing at the bank, phone bills and other things.. sigh, tired! tired!!!

See ya folks

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