Tuesday, January 1, 2008

A New Year Chronicle

Hello Guys! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Wish U all the best of luck.

First off, I got the US Visa! the student visa that is. I'm so delighted! It was a hell of a day. I woke up at 6.20 AM and I went to the embassy. After the queueing, the check ups, and all of that, I walked out of the embassy at 11 AM. I was super tired (my Mom had to stand on the sidewalks for hours. She stood there! thanks mom)

After I got the visa, I went straight to home for no. 2 and getting ready for New Year's Eve party. My family from my dad's side came to celebrate. We had sushis, BBQs and also some drinks courtesy my brother. My Mom made meatballs (bakso) and sate (pork & lamb). We all full and happy (except for some people that still on the diet.. more like sissies tho).

Anyway, I was super tired today.. slept for 10 hrs straight and getting lazy all day. Rockey also made sensation on the first day of 2008. He ate cockroach's poison. oMG! one silly Dog!
Okie dokie, I wanna go downstair to play Wii again and basically just enjoy my last 10 days in Indonesia.. and will come back in 2009. See ya peeps!



Cynthia said...

hah??dasar naka kecil gila,,gmn dia skrg??tw chobi juga jamuran 1 badan,,ampe stress gw liat dia garuk2

Damien said...

Hahaha,, ud dikasih Norit.. kt gugun (org yg urus anjing2) ud boker warna item. hahaha..