Tuesday, June 30, 2009

MIXER July '09: Green Day

Green Day
is back after 5 years absent from releasing new record. I have no other reason why I chose em. I just like them styles in this pic, and I love their hit "Boulevard of Broken Dreams".

Monday, June 29, 2009

Just So You Know

So everyone must know about the death of MJ and Farrah Fawcett by now. They're gonna be truly missed. Michael Jackson is a truly music legend and he will gonna be as legendary as Marilyn Monroe or Elvis Presley. He made huge impacts on our life, regardless. While Farrah, she's the iconic 'Angel' from the famous tv series Charlie's Angels and I believe she's one of other people who defined the 70's era. Farewell icons..

On more personal notes,

I saw something on Facebook that makes me sick (too). Too bad if you don't like what you read. That's reality, NOT everything is always going your way, so get over it already. I'm human, and humans have bad days. And speaking about Facebook. I have to say, ban the word "Yummy" or "Nyummy". It's sounds retarted and cutesy-sluty sounded. Again, not my fault if you don't like what you read.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Connect, Connect

I have to say this: internets here are super suck-a-delic. I've been using internet for 8 years now, but still has no progress what so ever, regarding connection and stuff in indonesia. They should make it faster, reliable and qualified enough to provide faster service and whatnot. In Boston, I could download a song faster than I could say "it's done!", while in here, it prolly could take thousand years to download a thing or to stream a youtube video. It's frustrating sometimes when you're downloading something, and it's cut because of the connection down, or while's u're chatting and there's miscommunication and so on. It just makes me wanna go mad (and to create a post about it).

Also, the mobile providers. Gosh! as a very loyal XL customer (been using this number since 2000!) here I'm announcing: this year is the worst XL service I've ever have. OK, bars are lacking, almost no signals everywhere. I think since the blackberry era came over here, XL connection has been busified (pardon me vocab and grams). It's hard for me to call from inside the house using XL, while any other providers could reach. It's major annoyance. Gotta be honest; as much as I love Indonesian life, I miss my mobility in Boston.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Nobody Should've Read This

It's me again with a post from the 'complaining-post' department. Today was a very, very weird day - a sensitive day to me. I haven't been this emotional and stiff since I don't know, 3 months ago? Anyway, yea, today I felt like I was pissed. This is sad but true, I felt like someone's arrival here destroyed my mood almost completely.

I don't wanna say I hate that person, or cursing or whatever, but I'm human and I just react naturally when somebody acting fucking annoying: I just get super annoying too. That's my natural reaction. Regardless the background or the history, NOBODY should be that fucking annoying. Why would I be the only person against that and I'm the one who's not understanding. Shitness.

Ok. I recommend you to not mind this post.. this just a random, crazy emotion that I could hold any longer. Thanks anyway for reading!

Thursday, June 18, 2009


I miss the blog so much, I take some time to write a new post - although I don't have any idea what to talk about. But I came with one interesting topic I just had conversation with a friend.

Well, I just had this conversation with a frien and we talked about something, quite NSFW and very racy (I mean, late night, cheap phone rates, hello?). We talked everything from 'tips', 'pleasure' (I'll leave those for your imagination) - also on the serious note; family problems, friendship etc. But the most interesting topic wasn't the sex or whatever; it's sexual preference. Sorry guys, I'm gonna stop there and I couldn't let you know what was our conversation. But basically, we talked about gay, bi, lesbians and stuff and I ended up with one conclusion, which I highly agreed. Ambiguity is Sexy. Yea, nowadays, being sexy is the way to go. Let's face it, it's all about the looks now. I have to confess there's something mysterious with sexually ambiguous people: they're unpredictable and crazy attractive, and also, they mostly good-looking (I'm hopelessly Hollywood).

You may disagree or agree on that one, but that's just me. Maybe I'd change my mind.. or not.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Berry Berry Boring

After I saw couple of friends' photo with their Blackberrys, I think I have to voice my take on that matter: It's annoying.

First of all, I'm not a big fan of Blackberry since day one; I have no desire to have it (ok I lied. once. It doesn't look aweful). Besides, I already have a sidekick and I'm more into iPhone. Second, it's everywhere!! I'm sure that in every 5 miles radius, there's one person has it, in this case, Indonesia. I think, Indonesians are easily getting into trends (too much), latah (Indonesian must know that word), and they need a sort of prestige. I'm not saying that's bad or whatever, because it's their own money and they have rights. But to me, they kinda get sucked by the trends and eventually trends come and go.

To me the BB is annoying. Why? because every friends I know with BB, they hooked with their little chatting machine. They constantly checking the messenger, updating Twitter and so on. I don't like the fact that the regular conversation got interfered by that little thing called Blackberry. Beside, it makes us forgetting how to communicate naturally. I'm afraid that one day, people forget how to exactly talk to each other, show emotions, in person (at least on the phone).

Well, BB can be both good and bad. Use it wisely!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Hey, June

My favorite month of the year, with obvious reason; cuz the second day of the month is my birthday.. and it happened last week. It's hard not to be cheesy about this, but I felt overwhelmed by happiness through the wishes I got via Facebook. I felt so happy for at least the first 5 hours of June 2. I just want to say, thank you guys so much.. I couldn't thank you each and everyone through facebook (cuz, it's just too many).

Ok.. So far, my holiday in Indonesia was pretty awesome; the food is great, the house still in Sunter, and the malls get bigger. Speaking about malls, I have 1 particular place (in a mall) that I really love: Social House. I just can't get enough of it. I don't know, call me tacky, but the environment and foods are great. Maybe I'm like a fish out of water or just simply outdated. O yeah, I also went to Sushi Tei 4 times on my first week here. It was a sushi-pandemonium. I ate millions of rolls and the result was predictable: I gained 10 pounds (5kg) in just 1 week. Insanity.

I also want to take this time to appreciate my first love of magazine, Rolling Stone. Why? because It's been almost a year since RS changed the format of the magazine; they changed the mag's size from the iconic big size into the regular glossy size (i called it a recession format). I haven't really been a fan for the last couple of years' issue, because they don't feature great photographs for the cover and also, they don't feature interesting people anymore, and instead, they feature the safe-bets (yes, I'm talking about you, Springsteen and Dylan). But for the 2 recent covers, Lady Gaga and the recently came-out, Adam Lambert, they are a different case.

Their covers are interesting and daring. Gaga graced the cover (issue 1080) nude with only plastic bubbles (by photog David LaChapelle) and Lambert, the 'Wild Idol' (or at least that's what the magazine claimed), graced the soon-to-be-out cover laid down on a rustic bed, all in black complete with black eye liners, glam rock outfits and hot accessory: a live snake. RS is trying to be edgy and bold again I think (take a look at their 90's and early 2000's covers, they're daring, edgy and iconic). To me these to covers are the sign that RS are getting their groove back. Don't stop, RS! surprise us with interesting and sexy and edgy covers! and remember this old-wise phrase: SEX SELLS.

Boy, was it long post or what. Have a great summer people!
(and O, In case you wondering: I referencing Beatles' "Hey Jude" for the title, just cause I don't have any great idea for it)