Thursday, June 25, 2009

Connect, Connect

I have to say this: internets here are super suck-a-delic. I've been using internet for 8 years now, but still has no progress what so ever, regarding connection and stuff in indonesia. They should make it faster, reliable and qualified enough to provide faster service and whatnot. In Boston, I could download a song faster than I could say "it's done!", while in here, it prolly could take thousand years to download a thing or to stream a youtube video. It's frustrating sometimes when you're downloading something, and it's cut because of the connection down, or while's u're chatting and there's miscommunication and so on. It just makes me wanna go mad (and to create a post about it).

Also, the mobile providers. Gosh! as a very loyal XL customer (been using this number since 2000!) here I'm announcing: this year is the worst XL service I've ever have. OK, bars are lacking, almost no signals everywhere. I think since the blackberry era came over here, XL connection has been busified (pardon me vocab and grams). It's hard for me to call from inside the house using XL, while any other providers could reach. It's major annoyance. Gotta be honest; as much as I love Indonesian life, I miss my mobility in Boston.

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