Sunday, June 21, 2009

Nobody Should've Read This

It's me again with a post from the 'complaining-post' department. Today was a very, very weird day - a sensitive day to me. I haven't been this emotional and stiff since I don't know, 3 months ago? Anyway, yea, today I felt like I was pissed. This is sad but true, I felt like someone's arrival here destroyed my mood almost completely.

I don't wanna say I hate that person, or cursing or whatever, but I'm human and I just react naturally when somebody acting fucking annoying: I just get super annoying too. That's my natural reaction. Regardless the background or the history, NOBODY should be that fucking annoying. Why would I be the only person against that and I'm the one who's not understanding. Shitness.

Ok. I recommend you to not mind this post.. this just a random, crazy emotion that I could hold any longer. Thanks anyway for reading!


tj said...

who's annoying you?? hahah

Damien said...

ada je.. cuma emosi sesaat. ;)