Friday, June 27, 2008

Dumb Blond

Ha! Now I'm in Jersey.. If I'm in a celebrity world, I'm so Madonna right now (always travel around).
But I came here with a mission: to help Rani moved out to her new apartment. The apartment is clean and nice! ha. I remembered when we moved the friggin heavy bed. It was HELLish. Ha.
Anyway.. I was bored yesterday..and decided to get a makeover! hair makeover that is. I decided to tried (get ready) blond! Damnit! what a biggest mistake ever! haha. I felt so cinko right now (yes, still blond).. but i have to keep this look until Rani come home and see it. After that, I'll dye my hair to another color (Rani picked an auburn color. Let see tho).
Ha! so stupid.
See ya guys 'round

Friday, June 20, 2008

Stranded In Seattle

My week plus-long holiday in Seattle was a blast. I've experience things that I never done before. It's fun!

My purpose to come visit Seattle is my friend, Nathalia. So excited when I first arrived at the airport. So surreal. Me and Nath went crazy! haha.. we took silly pictures.. crazy jokes and stuff. FUN! By the way...

Seattle is pretty. A nice neat pretty city. Friendly people too. As far as I know, Seattle has quite nice neighborhood. Comparing to my place in Boston, Seattle is like a luxury good (Well, Nath and her friends made that impression to me tho). It's good to see Nath there and meet some of here friends, who are funny and friendly too. They took me to great places to eat (Saburo's in Portland, OR, + some other great Thai, Vietnamese, Korean and Japanese restaurants). I pig myself out. O yea, I also experienced drunk for the first time in my life. I drink occasionally at home.. but I can't stand the straight shots (It was disgusting). But overall, Seattle was a very fun experience.. I'm glad I booked a ticket to SEATTLE. I really will come back there.

The word Stranded on the title came literal on June 20 at 11.20PM. I Missed a flight! And I was secured a seat for the next flight at 9.00 AM via New York and arrival in Boston at 8.33 PM. I stayed awake for 9 hrs straight. It was a hell.. but I took it as part of my interesting journey. It's definitely an experience. It's been a pleasure.


(be sure check the photos soon on facebook, flickr or friendster)

Monday, June 9, 2008


I just moved everything to my new apt 2 days ago (Jun 7) and it was a hell of a day. As much as I hate moving in to apt, I need to move as soon as possible (which is Jun 7, the due date! so were in such a rush).

We woke up at 5.50 AM and we're 'kinda' excited - think road trip, sceneries and the singing, of course. I packed my bag and stuffs. Then, off we went. We used GPS to guided us to Boston (which is fun and.. frustrating at some points). After 4 hours of heat, humidity and crazy-ass singing, we arrived at my old apt. This is the hell part. We had to moved from lamps to mattress, from books to luggage. It was insane. The temperature's 97 F was the 'icing on the cake'. I wanted to die but in the end it was worth the pains. I moved to a nice pad! :D

I gotta say thank you to Rani.. for helping me out (and not angry for my singing in the car.. and the GPS thingy). Thanks2!!! Hahaha.. Can't wait to clean the apt! haha. See ya


ps: I'm in Seattle now!!!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Going Ga Ga For Balenciaga

Ok, today I wanna dedicate this post for my favorite designer of the moment, Balenciaga. The designer is a French man named Nicolas Ghesquière. I just love the constructed designs, the unique styles and somewhat quirky; but still artistic. I adore the metallic leggings and the shoes.. darn good shoes (even Kanye put the pics on his blog!). I really love fashions from Versace to Gucci, but Balenciaga inspires me the most. So here's a little information about the fashion house.

The House of Balenciaga is one of the most influential forces in fashion. Founded in 1919 by Cristóbal Balenciaga and established in Paris from 1936, it defined many of the greatest movements in fashion from the thirties to the sixties. The provocation of its design and vision, the mastery of techniques and cuts, and the constant innovation in fabrics are factors conducive to Balenciaga’s success.

In 1995, Nicolas Ghesquière joined Balenciaga. The talent of this young creator captured the attention of both the media and customers and largely contributed to his commercial success. While the brand’s identity is firmly anchored and evoked in its highly symbolic ready-to-wear collections, the leather goods and shoe ranges have also enjoyed phenomenal success worldwide. In June 2007, Balenciaga opened a directly-operated store in Milan, its third after Paris and New York. New openings are scheduled for early 2008 in London, Los Angeles and Cannes.

So.. that's it. I've been waiting to put my favorite designer's works to my blog so.. I fulfilled it now.
See ya soon! :D

> ps: HAPPY 1st B'DAY Baby Russell! :D

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Winding Down

For the last 2 days, I've been super busy to pack my stuffs and only to find that I still have things to pack. So I got really frustrated and decided to go to New Jersey, which is where I am today. Well not that frustrated actually. Besides, Rani will help me out! yeay! haha. (Thanks Ran for your help and the Jamba Juice gift card! that was niiice).

I'm so tired yesterday I went to sleep in less than 10 mins. It's all because of the sucky trip (The bus got stopped by a police, traffic jams and a lot of noiiiisy Chinese people). It's just crappy.

I actually can't wait to move out but I just wanna skip the moving part. The building is not that fancy (neither the room) but It's sure does has great amount of sun light during the day and it's clean, which is why I picked on the first place. I'll be moving in.. 2 days. Yay.

Until then,
See ya

Monday, June 2, 2008

June 2, '88

I'm officially twenty y'all! Hahaha. So excited-ish.

Before I'm going to bed, I have something to say: thank you guys for those who remember! LOL.

I hope tommorow will be better (or at least slightly better.)

Bye guys!