Monday, June 9, 2008


I just moved everything to my new apt 2 days ago (Jun 7) and it was a hell of a day. As much as I hate moving in to apt, I need to move as soon as possible (which is Jun 7, the due date! so were in such a rush).

We woke up at 5.50 AM and we're 'kinda' excited - think road trip, sceneries and the singing, of course. I packed my bag and stuffs. Then, off we went. We used GPS to guided us to Boston (which is fun and.. frustrating at some points). After 4 hours of heat, humidity and crazy-ass singing, we arrived at my old apt. This is the hell part. We had to moved from lamps to mattress, from books to luggage. It was insane. The temperature's 97 F was the 'icing on the cake'. I wanted to die but in the end it was worth the pains. I moved to a nice pad! :D

I gotta say thank you to Rani.. for helping me out (and not angry for my singing in the car.. and the GPS thingy). Thanks2!!! Hahaha.. Can't wait to clean the apt! haha. See ya


ps: I'm in Seattle now!!!


Steph said...

aww! take pics of your new place. lol. ok you're in seattle, does that mean i'll be getting some visit soooooon? :p

Damien said...

Maunya je!! hahaha.. kalo bisa .. in a heartbeat! :D