Friday, June 20, 2008

Stranded In Seattle

My week plus-long holiday in Seattle was a blast. I've experience things that I never done before. It's fun!

My purpose to come visit Seattle is my friend, Nathalia. So excited when I first arrived at the airport. So surreal. Me and Nath went crazy! haha.. we took silly pictures.. crazy jokes and stuff. FUN! By the way...

Seattle is pretty. A nice neat pretty city. Friendly people too. As far as I know, Seattle has quite nice neighborhood. Comparing to my place in Boston, Seattle is like a luxury good (Well, Nath and her friends made that impression to me tho). It's good to see Nath there and meet some of here friends, who are funny and friendly too. They took me to great places to eat (Saburo's in Portland, OR, + some other great Thai, Vietnamese, Korean and Japanese restaurants). I pig myself out. O yea, I also experienced drunk for the first time in my life. I drink occasionally at home.. but I can't stand the straight shots (It was disgusting). But overall, Seattle was a very fun experience.. I'm glad I booked a ticket to SEATTLE. I really will come back there.

The word Stranded on the title came literal on June 20 at 11.20PM. I Missed a flight! And I was secured a seat for the next flight at 9.00 AM via New York and arrival in Boston at 8.33 PM. I stayed awake for 9 hrs straight. It was a hell.. but I took it as part of my interesting journey. It's definitely an experience. It's been a pleasure.


(be sure check the photos soon on facebook, flickr or friendster)

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