Friday, June 27, 2008

Dumb Blond

Ha! Now I'm in Jersey.. If I'm in a celebrity world, I'm so Madonna right now (always travel around).
But I came here with a mission: to help Rani moved out to her new apartment. The apartment is clean and nice! ha. I remembered when we moved the friggin heavy bed. It was HELLish. Ha.
Anyway.. I was bored yesterday..and decided to get a makeover! hair makeover that is. I decided to tried (get ready) blond! Damnit! what a biggest mistake ever! haha. I felt so cinko right now (yes, still blond).. but i have to keep this look until Rani come home and see it. After that, I'll dye my hair to another color (Rani picked an auburn color. Let see tho).
Ha! so stupid.
See ya guys 'round

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Steph said...

oh no! but just make it work mien, blond doesnt always have to be cinko lol. uhm it's alternating between utter hotness and extreme coldness here. hu hu. enak ya your summer's so full of jalan2x. me envy.