Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Hair, There & Everywhere

Hey there!

I changed my hair to auburn red ala Lindsay Lohan circa 2004 (fyi: this is my 15th time i dyed my hair. no kidding). Another 'Cinko' hair color. Well at least it's not as cinko as blonde. Rani picked the color for me to try.. so there.. haha. I felt more comfortable being a dark haired (black is the most comfortable). When I was a blondie, which the color is more like a gold, I always wear my hat! haha. I vowed never to go back to blond ever (unless, people pay me to get blonde). And oh! Rani 'leaked' the photo of me in blonde on Facebook. What a disgrace! LOL

Also, I really, really miss my dogs a lot.. that sometimes I imagined that they're here with me. It's sick. Haha.. ThankGod.. my sister always put their latest pictures on Flickr, which cure my yearning a lil. Here's some o the pics:

Jokker will turn 2 y.o. this November
Rockey just turn 1 y.o. last March
Duo kepo

O by the way, Happy July!
Thank you and SEE YA!

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