Tuesday, July 15, 2008

What's Up?


Just wanna update this blog. I'm getting real lazy lately.. but I get my sleeping time back! yeay. I slept around 11-12pm and woke up around 7-10am. HA!

Ok.. I'm addicted to renting movies lately. And I watched 'Vanilla Sky' and 'The Iron Giant' throughout this week. 'Vanilla Sky' (starring Tom Cruise, Cameron Diaz & Penelope Cruz. what a great cast!) was a sick movie which I kinda like. Sick and twisted. While 'The Iron Giant' was an animated movie (starring Harry Connick Jr & Jennifer Aniston) that reminds me of my love to traditional animated movies. The Iron Giant is a great family movie that I highly recommended! :D

oK.. it turns out to be a looong post. Aha!
see ya guys folks! (pardon my grammar)
Miss ya guys! :D

ps: i removed a part of this post to avoid further troubles. peace out! :D


Steph said...

wah siapa ni :p gosip dong hehaha unless that person is me. lolol

Damien said...

Tenang! pasti kebagian (aduuu bad habit)
hahaha.. je, gw jrg bgt ktmu tpi gw anggep u ud kayak tmen dket LOLs :P