Monday, July 7, 2008


First off, Happy 4th of July!
I went to see the fireworks near my college, It was super beautiful. I had a blast! (Rani came to Boston!)

I just got back from New Jersey last friday. It was an exhausting day. I was in New York, the day before 4th of July. I wanted to get a 10 pm bus from NY - Boston. But hell, the line was tooooooooooo long, I couldn't get any ticket! So I decided to stayed a night at a Chinatown hotel with Rani. It was an experience. It's like a soap box (kotak sabun). We both laughed so hard.. because we'd never thought that we'd ended up like that. The next day at 6 AM, we took the first bus and arrived at Boston safe and sound!

As soon as I arrived to my apt, I gotta set up an internet connection. It was suck at first, because it was kinda confusing and frustrating! (Thanks God, the next day, after a call with a customer service, the 'net is working!).

I'm getting lazy nowadays.. I even don't have a motivation to upload a post, until now. Today I also need to pay electric bills, clean up the apartments and go to gym (the first time since last may!). Shits! haha.

Ok, folks, I'll see ya soon.

ps: i've updated the banner, the playlist and the pix of the moment! :D
BTW, ni cyn!


Steph said...

biasa posts gw boring ya min. hihi. ehm ga gitu doyan sih cm karna suka ngumpul2 gitu jd disukain deh. hehe. one of the things i love about summer is we can finally sit out in the patio! ya ga sih. ga kaya di indo pationya bau asep polusi. mending makan didalem. soo looks like your enjoying your summer too min!

Damien said...

Betul! kalo di indo ma.. ud banyak debu..malesin.. banyak lalet dan nyamuk pula! hahah.
Je.. gw skrg ud di Boston..bosan. hahah..