Monday, November 24, 2008

O, Recession

This year's recession was the true reason why 2008 isn't the shiniest year. It's hard for me to shop! LOL. I know it's a selfish thing but, it's kinda my natural calling - just can't help it. Yesterday, I just bought 5 magazines! (yes, some of em are for my Fashion Illustration class) and a perfume the other day.

It's really sad, cuz now it affects my hometown's economy, 1 USD = 12000. That one's hurt. It really affects the budget, all the basic needs. For me, it screams "CRAP". I just hate it. Whoever made this happen, is not rest in peace. OK, that was a bit harsh.

Anyway, today, I'm heading to New York, to shop for Black Friday. I don't feel like shopping to be perfectly honest, but! the sales kinda inviting. So let's hoping for the best sales from the best brands. Happy Thanksgiving & Happy Shopping

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Sleep Or No Sleep

I have quite a dilemma, since beginning of this year. It's a sleeping dilemma. I'm not a morning person - obviously, I'm a good all-nighter. I can stay as late as 7 AM or more. But! here's the deal; I have to have a sleeping time afterward.

I always hate it when I have to be in this position: when it's too early to stay awake, but too late to sleep. Usually around 3-4 AM. Today I slept at 3.30-ish AM, and I done dat on the wrong day of school! (on Tuesday and Thursday, I have 8 AM classes). So.. I woke up at 8.19 AM! perfect. Thank God today's class is about watching 'Good Will Hunting'. I was kinda 'saved', but left me wonder, how bout those two classes that I skipped due to my illness?

Anyway, that's my problem to this day. I love sleep late and hate wake up early, and if I have to, I would make my wake up time as close as humanly possible. Prolly I'm just perfectionist.. or just plain dumb. LOL D

Monday, November 17, 2008

It's Jokker's B'Day!

He turns 2 today!! Happy B'Day Jokker!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Under The Weather

I'm sick.

I feels very weak for the last couple of days.. starting on Thursday night - Saturday morning. My nose still blocked, my throat still hurt.. and I'm still kinda feverish. Hellish. I skipped two classes, an appointment and now a birthday dinner. I mean, I feel sad but seems no one really care. So I don't care either. I think, the weather's not on my side this time. D

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

MIXER December '08: Twilight

Another month, another cover. MIXER December features the 'it' movie of the year: Twilight. I Decided to put the stars (Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson) on the cover just because they're ridiculously good looking and! the buzz is undeniable. Twilight got a lot of raves since earlier this year, so, I think they fit the bill for December cover. Enjoy! (D)

ps: It also marks the new logo of MIXER! it's official!

Movies Night

This Veterans Day, I just spent a whole day lazy-ing around and eat. I ate a Korean noodle, banana nut cake, doughnut, fried rice, mee-rob and veggies. I was mad greedy.

Anyway, it's Veteran's Day so I just act the part :p. O yeah, I watched Hellboy 2 & Narnia: Prince of Caspian. These two movies really makes me wonder: where's the magic? Although the CGI effects are kick-ass, I don't see any excitement in the storyline. Despite all of that, I enjoyed watching them and I need that, 'cause last Monday was crappy day. I need to relax.

My class will start in 8 hrs! (Yes, it's 1 AM here) and I need my sleep. Bye! :D

Sunday, November 9, 2008


Yesterday was great!

I ate japanese food (which I crave for the last couple of days), watched a movie ('Role Models', which is funny as hell!) and basically spent the day off fully packed.

I also bought a lot of foods for my house. I bought Banana Nut Cake (moist and tasty), Pastas and more. Plus! I found a blog that could provide my entertainment needs! from albums (yes! Beyonce's newest record and Xtina's!) and TV Shows (Top Model, Ghost Whisperer). I'm satisfied this weekend! I just can't wait for another weekend - D

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


United States' First African-American President! - Congratulations!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Fall Records

I really get excited for the musics coming this fall season; from Beyoncé, Christina, Kanye West and yes, Ms. Britney. I feels like a kid in a candy store all over again. I remember when I was still a junior high student, back in 2000 when pop music ruled the earth , I witness those stars grown and became these mega hit makers. So fall 2008's musics are re-live those memories. Below, are the reviews I made about the records that will be released in couple of weeks! (these are the musics I'm excited for!)

Keeps Gettin' Better - A Decade of Hits
Out Nov 11.

My favorite artist of all time, hands down. I just love everything she came out with: 'Genie in the Bottle', 'Dirrty', 'Ain't No Other Man' among others. Now, she's about to release a new greatest hits record to celebrate a decade of her career in music. 'Keeps Gettin' Better' is a techno-flavored single to lead the album. But I prefer "Genie 2.0", a reworked of her first single ever. It has Goldfrappy-flavor with a lil' bit of Kylie's kick. Definitely a must buy.

I Am... Sasha Fierce
Out Nov 18.

I've heard the preview of the double album and it sounds AMAZING. I love subtle, vulnerable Beyonce (I Am...) and! the fierce, sexy Beyonce a.k.a. Sasha Fierce. "If I Were A Boy" and "Single Ladies" are the perfect choice to represent each album. For me, Beyonce can relates to any body and every album of hers is a home-run. Key Tracks: "Halo", "Diva", "Ave Maria", "Single Ladies", "If I Were A Boy".

808's & Heartbreak
Out Nov 25

I love 'Love Lockdown'. The first time I heard it on the VMA '08, I was like, I have to have it. So yea, I have it now and it's been on my heavy rotation ever since. I learned that Kanye's new album is not gonna be a rap album; it's gonna be his singing album with auto-tuner. So his voice will be somewhat artificial. I'm really looking forward for this album!

Out Dec 2.

Britney's Back. She's in a full form (or at least 90% of hers) and ready to rock the music industry once again. "Womanizer" is an OK song for her comeback and also gave Brit a number one hit since 'Baby One More Time'. Despite of all those buzz, the single isn't really fresh or exciting. But her album is one to be watched.

There u have it. Can't wait for those albums! (Beyonce's and Xtina's) D

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Eleventh Month

November is officially here. I just can't wait fot the Thanksgiving part, really. LOL

Anyway.. I felt weird today regarding what happened last night. I felt bad tho, but I was just in a bad mood. There's a phrase that "you don't know a friend until u see his or her true color." That's right I guess and that's not a bad thing. If you know their real color, that means they're real. Just sayin.

Anyway it's November! and it mean that I still have 6 months left in Boston! I want to go back to Indo in June 09 so Bad. I want it so bad, i put this on a post! LOL.

oK.. I don't know what to do today, cuz I probably going out with a friend to do some homework or prolly I just go to gym. Whatever. Happy Haloween! :d D