Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Sleep Or No Sleep

I have quite a dilemma, since beginning of this year. It's a sleeping dilemma. I'm not a morning person - obviously, I'm a good all-nighter. I can stay as late as 7 AM or more. But! here's the deal; I have to have a sleeping time afterward.

I always hate it when I have to be in this position: when it's too early to stay awake, but too late to sleep. Usually around 3-4 AM. Today I slept at 3.30-ish AM, and I done dat on the wrong day of school! (on Tuesday and Thursday, I have 8 AM classes). So.. I woke up at 8.19 AM! perfect. Thank God today's class is about watching 'Good Will Hunting'. I was kinda 'saved', but left me wonder, how bout those two classes that I skipped due to my illness?

Anyway, that's my problem to this day. I love sleep late and hate wake up early, and if I have to, I would make my wake up time as close as humanly possible. Prolly I'm just perfectionist.. or just plain dumb. LOL D

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