Monday, November 24, 2008

O, Recession

This year's recession was the true reason why 2008 isn't the shiniest year. It's hard for me to shop! LOL. I know it's a selfish thing but, it's kinda my natural calling - just can't help it. Yesterday, I just bought 5 magazines! (yes, some of em are for my Fashion Illustration class) and a perfume the other day.

It's really sad, cuz now it affects my hometown's economy, 1 USD = 12000. That one's hurt. It really affects the budget, all the basic needs. For me, it screams "CRAP". I just hate it. Whoever made this happen, is not rest in peace. OK, that was a bit harsh.

Anyway, today, I'm heading to New York, to shop for Black Friday. I don't feel like shopping to be perfectly honest, but! the sales kinda inviting. So let's hoping for the best sales from the best brands. Happy Thanksgiving & Happy Shopping


tj said...

damien you shopaholic.. person! ahaha.
lo ntn stylista ga mien? bajunya keren2 deh mauu

Damien said...

Stylista ntn.. tp ud jarang.. dulu pas sering ada America's Next Top Model..
Gila, bajunya emang keren2!! :d