Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Pretty Amazing Week

Thanksgiving Holiday. Britney's Comeback. Gucci (we talk about it later). Sounds great huh?

To me, this early December pretty smashin'. I really enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday (and extra) and a new pair of shoes don't hurt either. It's hi-top sneaker, white, and cool as shit! :D. It's Gucci and it's sale. I really saving up this whole year for a nice pair of high sneakers: a substitute for boots cuz boots look funny on me.

These couple of months I'm ADDICTED to TV! I dk why.. but the shows are got me engaged! despite the crappy reviews and ratings, I still love me some Top Model, Paris BFF etc. Overall, TV rocks. LOL. (Tonite, there's gonna be Victoria Secret Show and Grammy Nominations Live! psyched!).

But there's still a lil suck-part: School. God, the exams.. the projects... those starting to gettin on me.

O well, enuf for the updates.. see ya soon! D

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