Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Game On, Snow Cone

Today was very very cold. It's insanely cold (at 15 F, it was a dead sentence to me). This morning, I haven't slept for like, 24 hrs.. and It was hellish for me. I came to class on time (the first time since last fall) and.. missed an important class on the latter, cuz I accidentally slept the day away. I slept at 12.30 pm and woke up at 4.30!!! and! I continued until 10 pm! It was devastating to found out that U've missed the most important class, i think, this semester.

To add more 'joy', my toilet was stuck. I wanna poo, pee and all that jazz.. and I couldn't. Yay! and now, while waiting for it, Im gonna do my painting assignment (which class I missed last Thu. Ha!). Patheticness.

So.. to comfort myself (and a reminder), I wanna publish my annual list of what's hot in a year (check my 2007 Hot List!) and I think it represent what's best in entertainment or anything else (that I like). also.. MIXER magazine!

So.. guys, prepare yourself for the Holidays! :D

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