Saturday, December 20, 2008


It's snowing!

I've been kinda anticipating this to happen.. although i'm not really like the concept of snow. It's hard, it's too white and it's cold. I hate cold. I'm Indonesian.. of course we're hot people (although the real meaning of that sentence is not what you think it is).

The snow also marks the start of the holiday season! Oh, after the endless assignments and exams and the final exam (which i doubt i did good).. it's about time!

I do want to go home for Christmas, but the situation ain't really pretty at this time. As much I miss home, fams, friends and of course pups, I don't wanna spend too much money on something that I can prevent. I'm a person who better spend money on much better time with even better reason (e.g. summer 2009 holiday, after spending 1,5 years here). But it depends on my dad. I hate the concept that I have to stay 4 years here, just to match 4 years college requirements. At times, I wish I wasn't here. But.. sigh. don't care about it. Let see..

So.. it's weekend.. and I wanna have fun. see ya tomorrow! :D

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