Friday, November 27, 2009

MIXER December '09: Rihanna

The return of the pop princess. Well, she's like the hot stuff since "Umbrella" came out, and she's still is, until the Chris Brown scandal and it just put her to Britney Spears level of fame. Rihanna is like Britney and Christina and Justin back in 2002; from sweet pop star, transformed into this hot, sexy and dark stars. And I'm loving it.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Be Thankful!

O God, I love my sleep. Last night I went bed at around 9.30 PM.. and wokeup like 11 AM today.. but decided to continue the sleep until 2PM. I know, I sleep like a dead person, but I love every minute of it. I feel fresh & happy.

Anyway, today is Thanksgiving, so.. Happy Thanksgiving people! I think I've sort of plan for tonight, going out with couple of friends for dinner. Can't tell much about it, since I don't know anything about it except who's the host, who's come with me and what not.

Have a great day!


Well, basically i went to a dinner like, bunch of Indonesians we had this traditional dinner. Loves it. My first Thanksgiving dinner ever. But I went to Jade's house and her cousin brought her leftovers. They're the best!

Monday, November 23, 2009


It suddenly came to mind to post some reviews on new music coming this week! I've heard some of 'em and here's my favorite!

Rated R

The first listen didn't cut it; and suddenly I craved for more. Rihanna is back, angrier and edgier than ever. I love how she has dark , somber-vibe songs in it and yet they got some cool basslines. She played so much on Rock music element: there's "Rockstar 101" with Slash on guitar, which reminds me of Lil' Wayne and "The Last Song" which reminds me of Kings of Leon material. The bass thumping "Wait Your Turn" was the highlight for me, because it is catchy and the bass is sick. The low point on the album is "Rude Boy" because it's just like a track from another urban album. But above all, I enjoy her new reincarnation from the island pop princess into this dark rock 'n' roll super bitch, but it might came out to dark and too in-your-face for some people.

Keytracks: "Rockstar 101", "Wait Your Turn"

The Fame Monster

Of course, I won't shut up about Gaga (and actually this is the 3rd Gaga-related post). Where to start? Ok her album is super amazing! I love every single 8 tracks in it. According Gaga, 'Monster' has 80's reference, with European gothic vibe, which I think, coincidence with 'Twilight' craze, it's a great formula and it works. "Bad Romance" kick off the record as the first lead single and it's the new "Poker Face"; the lyrics are psychotic, beautiful (the French, hello), and the beats are sick. The best 80s inspired is "Dance In The Dark", despite the uplifting melody and retro beats, it actually one of the darkest song in the album. Gaga got in touch with her personal side on "Speechless", a beautiful Beatles-inspired ballad that she addressed to her father. The track "Telephone" is definitely the highlight of the album, not because it features some singer named Beyoncé, it has the best energy among the bunch. 'Monster' is her best record so far!

Keytracks: "Bad Romance", "Speechless", "Telephone"


For Your Entertainment

The Idol Worship! Mr. Lambert is showing his true color, at last- he got in touch with his inner diva in this record; a lot of glam-rock vibe, disco and a little bit of rock & roll. His first title single "For Your Entertainment" is an okay track that gives u a sense of what the album is about - but Gaga penned track "Fever" really has the catchiest beat. And there's this rock song that is Idol worthy called "Whattya Want From Me?" which is actually co written by P!nk. Lambert kind of recreated the "Mad World" sequel on his heartbreaking ballad "Broken Open", which showcased Lambert amazingly controlled vocal. Lambert's finest moment was on the Queen inspired track "Music Again" which was written by Justin Hawkins of The Darkness, he has the craziest vocal range in it. Overall, this is a fun record that some kind of tribute to the 80s rock that can make you forget where you are, in a good way.

Keytracks: "Fever", "Broken Open"


Leona is the new Mariah! well at least for her first two records. In 'Echo', Leona still sings about love, heartbreak... in Pop element. Her lead single "Happy" is her best song yet since "Bleeding Love". She also get her dance on the second single "Outta My Head" which reminds me of 70s techno dance. She sings a very beautiful minor song "Brave" which beat sorta reminiscing Lambert's "Broken Open" and her other catchy ballad "I Can't Breathe" was another winner. This second effort of hers is very pop mainstream and accessible, only with better sense of vocal and more contemporary sound.

Keytracks: "Happy"

Thursday, November 19, 2009


I love this week, such a relaxing - laid back week. Canceled classes, no intense quizes and shits. Anyway, TGIF! can't wait to get some therapy. Shop therapy that is. Actually last night I went out to get 2 sweaters from Marc Jacobs. Besides the label, the fabric actually feels comfy. But my favorite for now is the blazer I got! for only $30 from $88.90! score.

This past week, shows are kind of getting excited. Finales on both 'Top Model' & 'Project Runway'. Not their best season yet, but kinda pleased with the winners pick. But, my faves right now are Glee & 30 Rock. They never fails! Go to 'Rock' for some good laughs, and 'Glee' for some geek-y fantasy (read: musical numbers).

Despite the fun escapades, I do still have the projects that sometimes irritating. Both design and portfolio are super stressful. At least after all the fun, I feel refreshed and excited again. Besides, fashion supposed to be fun to begin with

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Ga Ga Ooh La La

It's obvious: I'm obsessed with Lady Gaga. She's everywhere, in magazines, blogs, itunes, youtube, ipods whatever. And she's a hell of a pop artist. Her musics are extremely catchy and her fashion is sick. She is the art of her own works. Her new album The Fame Monster out Nov.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

My Favorite Things (Trés)

Three times a charm! well, actually this is the only 3rd entry about favorite things, and I think, I still have plenty of them to come (in the future). But it's a little different this time; I don't have as many as usual so anyway, here's my favorite for Fall 09.

This obsession with shoes just came out lately. I'm obsessed everything black and white shoes. My favorites have to be adidas, vans and ALDO (all of em are whites). Also, I got D&G loafers last month and Puma by Mihara Yasuhiro (July) and I can't get enough of my Gucci too from last winter. I know a bit show off this one, so, apologize.

I bought when i was in Singapore and Im thinking glad that i got it!

It's a happy-hour club: Satyric characters, singing jocks, girls with great voices, gay kid, drama, drama & drama. I'm obsessed!

I bought so manya scents earlier, but I liked this particular perfume because it smells good, ofcourse and it stays on longer than the other. and How can i decided this is good? I put it on my hair and if its smell good, than it's the good performe.

BOSE Headphone
Worth every penny!

I heard her first Jun 08 and I just hypnotised ever since. Just Dance won me over, but Poker Face & Paparazzi were the ones put me in awe. I thought I loved her before, until I heard Bad Romance & Dance In The Dark, and I'm officially obsessed. And should I say more about her fashions?

Thursday, November 5, 2009


I'm fascinated with gladiator sandals, and wondering why can't men sports one? I mean, men wore that waaay back then to begin with (Roman period, remember?). I found out this fab Shanghai shoe designer, Kiroic, who made these gladiator inspired for Juun.J, a Paris-based fashion house. I'm freaked out! in a good way.

(images from

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Witching Hour

This past Halloween day was my first ever Halloween experience, and I concluded that I don't go well with Halloween. Last year wasn't really fun at all, and this year, the trip to Salem felt like a struggle, literally; the trains like an hour long, and it rained when we're in line to catch a train back to Boston (it's cold and we're hungry).

Bad things aside, there's also fun thing happen: seeing people in their getups. When on a train to Salem, there's this guy i saw who wrapped himself with plastic wraps - which later he told us he's a 'manwich', and then there's so many other whacky costumes in Salem: there's acne (a guy wears red and has a plastic bag with mashed potato in it, and that's for the zit. ew), the queen and king cards, there's Stewie from Family Guy, multiple Dorothys and Alices (which one of them is my bff, Steph), Amy Winehouses and more. By the way, I dressed up as a gangster mafia, while my bro was a.. ringmaster/vintage/etc and there's chinese girl as a geisha and a friend he dressed up as a psycho I guess, BUT since he wore Ed Hardy tee, I kept calling him Jon Gosselin went nuts.

In Salem, there's couple of Christians fanatics that held a demo in the city, and I assumed they don't really enjoy Halloween like the rest of us. Kookoo.

Later that night, I ended up at Steph's apartment with Jaeho and a friend, and we cooked (well technically, only Jaeho) so many foods, Kimchi jigae (?), omelet with crab sticks and reheated foods from days back. So, It was a fun Halloween. But there's.. a little problem going on later (waaay later) that night; just another episode that got heated, but we ended it up. So I guess, that's why I'm not really a big Halloween person. Well, I will certainly try next year, I would dress up even more elaborate than last Saturday.