Thursday, November 19, 2009


I love this week, such a relaxing - laid back week. Canceled classes, no intense quizes and shits. Anyway, TGIF! can't wait to get some therapy. Shop therapy that is. Actually last night I went out to get 2 sweaters from Marc Jacobs. Besides the label, the fabric actually feels comfy. But my favorite for now is the blazer I got! for only $30 from $88.90! score.

This past week, shows are kind of getting excited. Finales on both 'Top Model' & 'Project Runway'. Not their best season yet, but kinda pleased with the winners pick. But, my faves right now are Glee & 30 Rock. They never fails! Go to 'Rock' for some good laughs, and 'Glee' for some geek-y fantasy (read: musical numbers).

Despite the fun escapades, I do still have the projects that sometimes irritating. Both design and portfolio are super stressful. At least after all the fun, I feel refreshed and excited again. Besides, fashion supposed to be fun to begin with

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