Monday, November 23, 2009


It suddenly came to mind to post some reviews on new music coming this week! I've heard some of 'em and here's my favorite!

Rated R

The first listen didn't cut it; and suddenly I craved for more. Rihanna is back, angrier and edgier than ever. I love how she has dark , somber-vibe songs in it and yet they got some cool basslines. She played so much on Rock music element: there's "Rockstar 101" with Slash on guitar, which reminds me of Lil' Wayne and "The Last Song" which reminds me of Kings of Leon material. The bass thumping "Wait Your Turn" was the highlight for me, because it is catchy and the bass is sick. The low point on the album is "Rude Boy" because it's just like a track from another urban album. But above all, I enjoy her new reincarnation from the island pop princess into this dark rock 'n' roll super bitch, but it might came out to dark and too in-your-face for some people.

Keytracks: "Rockstar 101", "Wait Your Turn"

The Fame Monster

Of course, I won't shut up about Gaga (and actually this is the 3rd Gaga-related post). Where to start? Ok her album is super amazing! I love every single 8 tracks in it. According Gaga, 'Monster' has 80's reference, with European gothic vibe, which I think, coincidence with 'Twilight' craze, it's a great formula and it works. "Bad Romance" kick off the record as the first lead single and it's the new "Poker Face"; the lyrics are psychotic, beautiful (the French, hello), and the beats are sick. The best 80s inspired is "Dance In The Dark", despite the uplifting melody and retro beats, it actually one of the darkest song in the album. Gaga got in touch with her personal side on "Speechless", a beautiful Beatles-inspired ballad that she addressed to her father. The track "Telephone" is definitely the highlight of the album, not because it features some singer named Beyoncé, it has the best energy among the bunch. 'Monster' is her best record so far!

Keytracks: "Bad Romance", "Speechless", "Telephone"


For Your Entertainment

The Idol Worship! Mr. Lambert is showing his true color, at last- he got in touch with his inner diva in this record; a lot of glam-rock vibe, disco and a little bit of rock & roll. His first title single "For Your Entertainment" is an okay track that gives u a sense of what the album is about - but Gaga penned track "Fever" really has the catchiest beat. And there's this rock song that is Idol worthy called "Whattya Want From Me?" which is actually co written by P!nk. Lambert kind of recreated the "Mad World" sequel on his heartbreaking ballad "Broken Open", which showcased Lambert amazingly controlled vocal. Lambert's finest moment was on the Queen inspired track "Music Again" which was written by Justin Hawkins of The Darkness, he has the craziest vocal range in it. Overall, this is a fun record that some kind of tribute to the 80s rock that can make you forget where you are, in a good way.

Keytracks: "Fever", "Broken Open"


Leona is the new Mariah! well at least for her first two records. In 'Echo', Leona still sings about love, heartbreak... in Pop element. Her lead single "Happy" is her best song yet since "Bleeding Love". She also get her dance on the second single "Outta My Head" which reminds me of 70s techno dance. She sings a very beautiful minor song "Brave" which beat sorta reminiscing Lambert's "Broken Open" and her other catchy ballad "I Can't Breathe" was another winner. This second effort of hers is very pop mainstream and accessible, only with better sense of vocal and more contemporary sound.

Keytracks: "Happy"

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