Tuesday, November 10, 2009

My Favorite Things (Trés)

Three times a charm! well, actually this is the only 3rd entry about favorite things, and I think, I still have plenty of them to come (in the future). But it's a little different this time; I don't have as many as usual so anyway, here's my favorite for Fall 09.

This obsession with shoes just came out lately. I'm obsessed everything black and white shoes. My favorites have to be adidas, vans and ALDO (all of em are whites). Also, I got D&G loafers last month and Puma by Mihara Yasuhiro (July) and I can't get enough of my Gucci too from last winter. I know a bit show off this one, so, apologize.

I bought when i was in Singapore and Im thinking glad that i got it!

It's a happy-hour club: Satyric characters, singing jocks, girls with great voices, gay kid, drama, drama & drama. I'm obsessed!

I bought so manya scents earlier, but I liked this particular perfume because it smells good, ofcourse and it stays on longer than the other. and How can i decided this is good? I put it on my hair and if its smell good, than it's the good performe.

BOSE Headphone
Worth every penny!

I heard her first Jun 08 and I just hypnotised ever since. Just Dance won me over, but Poker Face & Paparazzi were the ones put me in awe. I thought I loved her before, until I heard Bad Romance & Dance In The Dark, and I'm officially obsessed. And should I say more about her fashions?

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