Sunday, November 1, 2009

Witching Hour

This past Halloween day was my first ever Halloween experience, and I concluded that I don't go well with Halloween. Last year wasn't really fun at all, and this year, the trip to Salem felt like a struggle, literally; the trains like an hour long, and it rained when we're in line to catch a train back to Boston (it's cold and we're hungry).

Bad things aside, there's also fun thing happen: seeing people in their getups. When on a train to Salem, there's this guy i saw who wrapped himself with plastic wraps - which later he told us he's a 'manwich', and then there's so many other whacky costumes in Salem: there's acne (a guy wears red and has a plastic bag with mashed potato in it, and that's for the zit. ew), the queen and king cards, there's Stewie from Family Guy, multiple Dorothys and Alices (which one of them is my bff, Steph), Amy Winehouses and more. By the way, I dressed up as a gangster mafia, while my bro was a.. ringmaster/vintage/etc and there's chinese girl as a geisha and a friend he dressed up as a psycho I guess, BUT since he wore Ed Hardy tee, I kept calling him Jon Gosselin went nuts.

In Salem, there's couple of Christians fanatics that held a demo in the city, and I assumed they don't really enjoy Halloween like the rest of us. Kookoo.

Later that night, I ended up at Steph's apartment with Jaeho and a friend, and we cooked (well technically, only Jaeho) so many foods, Kimchi jigae (?), omelet with crab sticks and reheated foods from days back. So, It was a fun Halloween. But there's.. a little problem going on later (waaay later) that night; just another episode that got heated, but we ended it up. So I guess, that's why I'm not really a big Halloween person. Well, I will certainly try next year, I would dress up even more elaborate than last Saturday.

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